Techno Bova 5 review

Tecno Bova 5, but since its launch several months ago, it has begun to receive little attention from social media. However, when compared to smartphones at the same price on the market currently, it is still considered a device, and its specifications are much more exciting than other brands. Today we will review the Tecno phone. POVA 5

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Tecno Bova 5 specifications

  • Display: IPS-LCD, 6.78 inches, resolution 2460 x 1080 pixels (FHD+), refresh rate 120 Hz, touch sampling rate 240 Hz, maximum brightness 580 nits
  • Processor chip: MediaTek Helio G99
  • RAM: 8GB Supports extended RAM up to 8GB
  • Memory: 128GB/256GB, supports MicroSD card
  • Rear camera:
    • First: 50 MP, PDAF
    • No. 2: Artificial Intelligence
  • Front camera: 8 MP
  • Battery: 6000 mAh, supports 45-watt Smart Charge fast charging system
  • Operating System: HiOS 13 covered by Android 13
  • communication :
    • 4G LTE
    • Wi-Fi 5
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Global Positioning System
    • NFC
    • USB Type C 2.0
    • USB OTG
  • Sensor:
    • Distance sensor
    • Electronic compass
    • G sensor
    • gyroscope
  • Size: 168.61 x 76.61 x 9.00 mm.
  • Weight: 219.4 grams
  • Color: Amber Gold / Black Mica / Hurricane Blue
  • price :
    • 8 GB / 128 GB: 4999 baht
    • 8 GB / 256 GB: 5799 baht

Machine design

Techno bova 5 74 review

As for the design of the device, the Tecno POVA 5 reaches 120 Hz, which is currently no smartphones on the market that use a Punch Hole Display and a 120 Hz refresh rate at this price rate.

Techno bova 5 64 review

As for the back of the device, it will come with a design that Tecno calls “TURBO MECHA”, and there will be 3 colors to choose from: Amber Gold, Mecha Black, and Hurricane Blue, and the color we got is Amber Gold, which is, as its name says, gold, but From what I can see, it’s a little silver in color. As the name suggests, the design of this pattern is inspired by a robot. Comes in steel sheets with screws in the corners. As for the camera, there is a large module at the top with the viewfinder arranged vertically and an LED flash next to the main lens.

As for the edges of the device, they come with a modern design in the form of a square edge. The speakers at the top and bottom are stereo speakers. All the buttons are integrated on the right side, with the power button also being a fingerprint scanner. On the left side is the SIM slot. The bottom has a USB Type-C port, a microphone hole, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Techno POVA 5 The box will have a Free Fire theme covering it, along with game-related freebies, including stickers and refill codes. But what’s interesting is that the headphones will be included in the box. Which is not currently available at any price.


Techno bova 5 76 review

As for the operating system, it comes with the HiOS 13 operating system, which is Android 13, and it has a user interface design in the form of square icons with the Free Fire theme, but if you do not like it, you can change back to the normal appearance or change to another style. You can do this by downloading in the “HI Theme” app. When you turn on the device for the first time, the application will be installed. It comes with many applications including pre-installation of the ones we use often. Come and be ready. All you have to do is click to download, plus, HiOS is one of the few operating systems that still has AppDrawer available.

General use and shipping

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In terms of general use in terms of playing social media, listening to music or listening to music, it can be done well. (Smartphones have now become a common issue in every model.) But what is interesting is that for the price, no one offers dual speakers, and this makes the Tecno POVA 5 much better than its competitors. Additionally, with a 120Hz display, the picture is smoother than other smartphones in the same price range. If anyone is interested in this topic, move on to another topic.

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As for the battery, the device is 6000 mAh, and from what we have tried, if it is for general use and a little gaming, the battery can easily last for one day. But if there are heavy toys when should we charge all the way? Part of the reason they run out quickly is the heat that occurs when playing heavy games, but if it’s a light game, you can live comfortably. As for the charging speed, we start charging when the battery level drops to 1% and then the device is forced to shut down. In the first 10 minutes, the battery percentage will rise to 24% to 50% within 25 minutes, and after 30 minutes, the battery percentage will rise to 60%. , When combined with the charging time from turning the device off to maximum, it takes a total of 1 hour and 17 minutes, let me tell you, if you are too lazy to wait until the hour when powering is finished, you can charge it for just 30 minutes and then pick it up and continue playing. And if in an emergency the battery is about to run out when you get home, just plug it in for 10 minutes and you’ll have enough battery to get back home. Just have to carry the charger that comes in the box at all times. Because if you use another brand charger or use a backup battery, it will not be as fast as tested.

He plays games

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In terms of playing games, which is what sets this device apart, the device comes with a budget gaming chip like the Helio G99, and it can be said that it can be used to play every game for sure, every game in fact, even Genshin Impact can be played at all although you have to set it On the lowest setting, it gets hot quickly. But in reality it can be played smoothly, but the most important feature of this machine is the Free Fire game because it is a model that has been specifically customized for this game in particular. We tried this with Free Fire Max, which uses more specifications than the regular game. By setting everything to maximum, you can play smoothly. In addition, it does not consume much power so you can play for several hours at a time. Anyone who loves Free Fire but wants a device that is fully customizable and seamless, Tecno POVA 5


Techno bova 5 33 review

As for photography, the device comes with two lenses on the rear camera and one lens on the front camera. The rear camera is said to have two lenses, but they are actually used. There will be more than just one main lens. The other lens has the function of capturing depth of field instead. As for the front camera, it’s a generic 8-megapixel camera, which may not be anything special in terms of sharpness, but the AI ​​can adjust the mass to come out quite interesting.

Experimenting with the front and rear cameras, it can be said that the quality of the images obtained is slightly better than devices at the same price point, especially the night mode, which is usually difficult to find at this price. As for our existing machines there will be a delay when taking pictures or a long exposure time, but the Tecno POVA 5 has no delay at all and the exposure time itself is only a short time. But the details are complete. Back melting works well. Plus there are many AI features you can play with. The most likely point is that there is an issue with the photography, perhaps the front camera when taking photos of bright lights. Sometimes the exposure is a little too much. But the details are still visible. Here it may be necessary to rely on the application. Add additional photo editing as well.

Image example

Tecno bova 5 08 review

Techno buffa 5 summary

To summarize the review about using it for a while, it must be said that Tecno POVA 5 although it is not very popular. This is because the brand is relatively new and focuses more on the lower market segment. However, the quality of the device, both in terms of hardware and software, is not bad. Although I don’t know how many Android versions there will be constant updates. Or just go with the raft, but for the price it’s still worth it. It is very suitable to buy for children’s use. Or people who like to play games but don’t want to spend a lot. This device is the solution for this model.

For those interested, you can go to see the details and features on As for those who want it, they can buy it from Shopee, Lazada And distributors nationwide at a starting price of 4,999 baht


  • The price is very cheap compared to the specifications provided.
  • Beautiful and amazing design
  • Get a 6.78-inch, 120Hz display
  • Get dual DTS speakers
  • Get the Helio G99 chip that lets you play all the games.
  • Available in capacities up to 256GB.
  • The 50MP AI camera can capture images in all lighting conditions.
  • It provides a large 6000 mAh battery and supports 45W fast charging.
  • The film is installed for you. Complete with case and headphones.
  • Get the Widevine L1, allowing you to watch Netflix at FullHD level.


  • There is no noise-canceling microphone
  • The AI ​​cannot be forced to turn off, as sometimes the colors may be distorted.
  • A 50-megapixel camera, although it can be said that it can take pictures in all lighting conditions, but if the light is below a certain level, the details in the picture will start to disappear.
  • The front camera has a lot of beauty and can be adjusted just a little.

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