Taylor Swift fans say they will wear adult diapers to her concert

Taylor Swift.
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  • How far would you go not to miss a single song on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?
  • Some TikTok users said they wore adult diapers to Swift’s concerts so they didn’t miss a beat.
  • A TikToker filmed one of her friends getting help putting on a diaper under her shiny gold prom.

How unmissable is a single song from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour set list? It seems like the solution for some Swifties to soak up every second of the show is an adult diaper.

Some TikTokers have posted videos of themselves either contemplating — or executing — a plan to include adult diapers in their concerts to avoid soiling themselves in the stadium, it was reported. Liz Flora for Glossy.

A TikTok user posted a clip on May 18 that showed one of her friends helping to strap another into an adult diaper that was neatly hidden under her gold tassel dress.

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Not everyone was ready for these women’s plan to wear adult diapers.

“The rage is going to be intense,” one TikTok user commented.

“If I can keep her on a flight from Ca to HI, I can hold her to a Taylor Swift concert,” another TikTok user wrote.

Outrage or not, another TikToker seems to have successfully incorporated diapers into their outfits in the same week.

“Nobody knows I’m wearing diapers for this,” they wrote in the May 19th clip on TikTok inside the stadium.

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These TikTokers don’t seem to be the first to consider this option to eliminate the need for bathroom breaks.

In March, TikToker called TheCatherine She said she planned to buy an 18-pack of adult diapers for the Houston leg of the tour.

“The amount of stress and time it took to get Taylor Swift tickets, I’m going to get adult diapers. Because I don’t miss a minute of it,” she said.

Meanwhile, a pregnant TikTok user called BasicMega video in April in which she says she’s considering adult diaper pants for practical reasons.

“Like, I have to pee every 30 minutes,” she said, “I have a cystitis, and I saw the lines at the concert.” “And I guess I have to bring in some dependency.”

However, Swifties aren’t the only ones who wear diapers to crowded events where bathrooms may not be readily available. some people They donned diapers in Times Square for their New Year’s Eve ball drop party – so the plan has been field-tested, at least.

Some YouTubers had a different strategy: They said so I planned to go to the bathroom during a ten-minute version of “All Too Well” Because everyone is going to want to listen to it, but the song is so long, it will still be on when they come back.

And in case you were wondering when the other Swifties plan to go during the show, there’s a Reddit thread right now where people are at They share “bathroom break songs from the touring era”.

“As fun as shaking it off, sure is this one. I’m not sacrificing a second of folklovermore,” one Redditor books.

And maybe this This Reddit comment best sums up Taylor Swift’s tour experience: “If you don’t need a bathroom break, I don’t.”

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