Tawee confirms that the OSO has ordered charges against Thaksin under Section 112, which has no effect in suspending his sentence, pointing out that others have gone too far.

Justice Minister “Tawee” confirms that charges of OSO orders against “Thaksin” Section 112 will have no effect on the suspended sentence. After being asked by the media about his frequent visits to the area as he often told others he had Covid, the DSO explained that an independent body had confirmed that he had been infected with Covid and there was no need to refer him to a doctor at a correctional hospital or the police. Hospital. Go and check

On 29 May 2024, Minister of Justice, Police Colonel Thawee Chotsong, former Prime Minister Mr. Thaksin referred to Shinawatra's case. The man, who is currently suspended from prison, is not going to face a prosecution order at the Attorney General's Office, which says he has contracted Covid-19 at the Royal Correctional Hospital. And is it necessary for the police hospital to send a doctor to examine the symptoms of the disease? If the court decides, a detention warrant will be issued. Mr. The judicial process of adjudication in cases where Thaksin has been prosecuted in various areas belongs to the police. Now the Attorney General's Office is an independent body. The Ministry of Justice is not involved in this because it has to act quickly. If anything happens after the verdict, the Ministry of Justice will take responsibility for that area. This still adheres to the principle that he is still presumed innocent until the Ministry's Labor Court rules.

Mr. In terms of Thaksin's travel to other provinces, will there be any restrictions on travel during his jail term pending the outbreak of Covid? Police Colonel Davie said that there will be conditions for the suspension of the sentence. The Ethics Department will notify you if there is a violation or inconsistency with the procedure. But as far as I know Mr. Thaksin did not violate the conditions.

Police Colonel Davi said that he does not stay in the designated area often and he may have visited less places than others. Because it has information that others often go to. If you want to go anywhere because of the suspension, it depends. The director will approve the conduct of the district.

Mr. by the prosecutors. Regarding Thaksin's 112 case ordered to be registered, will this affect his suspension of sentence or not? Thaksin is still presumed innocent, but it is of no use, said Police Col Thawee.

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