Tak Bongkut opens up a heartbreaking clip Fire at Bencharongkakul farm or is this the reason..? |. Bangkok Insight

Tak Bongkut opens up with heartbreaking clip The fire at Bencharongkul farm By Tak said smoking is prohibited in private areas and causing a fire is punishable by law. #RaiBencharongkul”

He is another artist who regularly creates merit. For young stars Tak Bongkut Bencharongkul And Bencharongkul family members and still bring good stories to share and share with fans to be happy too. Anyone who follows will always see the good times you put in for merit.

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Tak Bongkut opens a heartbreaking clip Fire on Bencharongkakul Farm Find out the cause and what it is?

Latest (April 20)Tak She came out to post a clip that shocked a lot of people a little. Via personal instagram bong_kod_takWith the caption: “#In private places, smoking is prohibited and lighting a fire is punishable by law.” #RaiBencharongkul”

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Before you post that “Let's rebuild together. Although some discomfort may arise, time will soon pass and we will make amends the way we can, as much as we can. There is good and evil in human life. That's all. So

We can accept it and let it go, it would just be a small thing that was happening. Thanks for your encouragement, I really appreciate it. thank you all. The trees are fine. And the Nang Kwak tree, the rest is fine.

Thank you : bong_kod_tak

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