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Press release from the Swiss Skills Foundation for Sunday, November 27, 2022

Switzerland World Champions in Five World Skills Categories – Switzerland ended the World Skills Championships on a high note by climbing the rankings of the top European nations.

Mason Ben Sachs (Bärau / BE) completes the Decentralized World Skills Competition 2022 in Salzburg as he delivers Switzerland’s fifth World Champion title. Electrician Patrick Seigenthaler (Linden/PE), agricultural machine mechanic Pascal Hofstetter (Wilthaus/SG) and industrial controller Yannick Flepp (Cedrun/GR) won bronze. With 19 medals in 34 events, the Swiss national skills team shone again at this year’s World Skills Championships and can claim to be the best country in Europe.

The Swiss national trade team struck hard again at the final stage of the World Skills Competition 2022 in Salzburg. All four Swiss competitors medaled. Bricklayer Ben Zaugg (expert Ruedi Signer), who completed his apprenticeship at Hans Schmid AG in Rüderswil, where he still works, can even climb the top step of the podium and look forward to becoming the new world champion in masonry.

A great overall result for Switzerland

Martin Erlacher, Technical Representative and Chairman of the SwissSkills team, has drawn a very positive assessment of the three-month World Skills Competition 2022. Only representatives from China and South Korea have a better medal ratio. And thanks to this beautiful harvest, Switzerland won the battle with France, which will organize the next World Skills 2024 in Lyon. In the 2022 edition, no other European country has won as many medals as Switzerland.

Martin Erlacher was also pleased to receive 12 diplomas Medals of Excellence. “The overall result represents a clear improvement compared to the last WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan. Our team maintained a very high standard throughout the tournament. Apart from our young professionals, this is proof that the professionals and the entire staff have done a great job,” adds Martin Erlacher.

Since September, 62 championships have been organized in 15 countries as part of the World Skills Competition 2022. The Swiss national team fielded 37 competitors in 34 divisions. This year’s World Skills Championships should have been held in Shanghai in October. However, due to the health situation in China, they were canceled at the end of May. A decentralized formula was initiated and supported in particular by the Swiss Skills Foundation, and Switzerland organized 14 competitions.

Overview of Swiss results

Gold Medals (5)

  • Pastry-confectionery: Juliana Dhoni (Oberlundhofen/AG)
  • Automotive Mechatronics Engineer: Florent Lazilla (Cotonnes/FR)
  • Horticulture and landscaping: Mark Bamberger (Coppigen/PE) and Fabian Baumann (Obertiesbach/PE)
  • Industry 4.0: Sylvan Widmer (Winterthur/ZH) and Yunus Ruff (Winterthur/ZH)
  • Mason: Ben Zach (Bärau/BE)

Silver Medals (5)

  • Printing Technician: Nina Manser (Kesville/TG)
  • Florist: Jasmine Wuthrich (Kosovo/SG)
  • Bodybuilder: Dominic Bartholomew (Schwarzenburg/PE)
  • Hotel Reception: Tim Oberly (Wissentangen/ZH)
  • Electronics Engineer: Mario Licdi (Windish/AG)

Bronze Medals (9)

  • Bakery: Vera Stocker (Gunzwil/LU)
  • Restaurant Service: Shania Colombo (Münchwilen/TG)
  • Automation Engineer: Dario Flückiger (Lützelflüh/BE) and Adrian Matthies (Möhlin/AG)
  • Carpenter: Romain Mingard (Covet/NE)
  • Dry plasterer-builder: Adrian Butler (Grund bei Gstaad/BE)
  • Polymechanics in Automation: Gil Beutler (Lindon/PE)
  • Electrician: Patrick Siegenthaler (Lindon/PE)
  • Agricultural and Construction Machinery Mechanic: Pascal Hofstetter (Wildhaus/SG)
  • Industrial Controller: Yannick Fleb (Sedrun/GR)

Medallion for Excellence (12)

  • Makeup Artist: Giulia Liberty (Berthout/PE)
  • Polygraph: Simona Gear (Dubach/SG)
  • Goldsmith: Daniel Fornos Diaz (Geneva/GE)
  • Chef: Rino Zambrun (Chisach/PL)
  • Polymechanic, CNC milling: Ivo Müller (Zug/ZG)
  • IT Software Solutions for Business: Thomas Gassmann (Uffikon/LU)
  • IT Network Systems Management: Sven Gerber (Röthenbach/BE)
  • Web Technologies: Tom Diegelmann (Bern/PE)
  • Designer-builder John Mayer (Andville/SG)
  • Sanitary and heating installer: Luca Herzog (Huntwangen/ZDH)
  • Cabinet maker: Brian Thomey (Wortemwald/AG)
  • Carpenter: Elias Cogniat (La Tour-de-Dream/FR)

Certificate (3)

  • Polymechanic, CNC turning: Fabian Leuenberger (Heimenhausen/PE)
  • Metallurgist: Lars Rottach (Ulisbach/SG)
  • Social Care and Health Assistant: Kilian Schmidt (Küssnacht am Rigi/SZ)

Information for media

Swiss team information page (including current news, participant portraits, results):


WorldSkills Competition 2022 website


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WorldSkills photo material (including images from the closing ceremony in Salzburg)


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