Switzerland has imposed new economic sanctions on Russia

Moldova has promised to pay for blocked Russian gas in Ukraine

On Wednesday, Moldova promised to pay for gas supplied by Russia, but was blocked in Ukraine through which it passes, after Moscow threatened to cut its supply, accusing Kyiv of siphoning off a gas pipeline. A tiny ex-Soviet republic close to joining the European Union, Moldova is often warmed by this Russian gas passing through Ukrainian territory. On Tuesday, Russian supplier Gazprom accused Kyiv of diverting part of its supply and threatened to cut volumes sent to Chisinau from next week.

“To be clear, all the gas supplied to Moldova will end up in our country,” said Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Spinu. “The quantities of gas referred to by Gazprom remain in Ukraine and are stored in warehouses in Ukraine. Our country has always paid these amounts and will continue to pay them in full,” he added.

Moldova, with a population of 2.6 million, is bearing the brunt of the conflict in Ukraine, particularly in terms of energy, with Gazprom already halving gas exports to Chisinau. The Russian gas company accused the Ukrainians of diverting 52.5 million cubic meters of gas sent to Moldova on Tuesday and threatened to start cutting supplies from Monday. European countries continue to accuse them of using Moscow’s airspace, which they still rely heavily on, to pressure them to punish them for their support for Ukraine. “Pressure, intimidation and threats no longer work,” Andre Spinu said on Wednesday.

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