Survivor Charlie removes the incident in the middle of the live broadcast after Jamin missed the target.

This is another pair that many people love. Interested people Nak Charlie And Gecamin Recently, the couple came to work together. So don't miss the opportunity to request an interview to update the couple's story during this period. Which Naik and Jamin gave an interview saying

Have you eaten the chicken yet after you ordered it?
Nike: Have you eaten chicken yet? (He turns to ask Jimin)
Jamin: Eat
Naik: He loves it, but later he encounters many Thai foods. But there is one thing that makes him want to stay in Thailand. That is, the food is delicious.

is not it?
Nike: No, amen (raises his hands in greeting, smiles sheepishly) I mean they really use Thai food. I will not impose Thai food which is the norm to eat when foreigners come here. “I will let him try several simple foods and he will find them easy. Minced pork with basil, crispy pork, stir-fried soy sauce. If you like it, the newest is chives.
Jamin: Very delicious.

Can you comfortably eat smelly food?
Nack: Well, that's okay, but there are still some things I don't really like. Or something you don't like when you first smell it, but when you taste it you like it, so you have to try many different things.

The viral broadcast that went live created a buzz that exceeded the total. What is it like for us as a couple? The online world is always talking about it?
Nike: Actually, there is joy and pressure at the same time. I am an honest person, we will focus on sales but we will not let anyone pressure us into sales. Because for every product we have to tell customers that food is easy to sell, easy for people to make decisions and have purchasing power, but some products we want customers to understand as well. People don't really use it. It will also be difficult to buy. But first I want to thank everyone. Some people don't buy it for their own use. He bought it for his friends and family, but he really wanted their support and wanted to thank them. If one day I can do something in return, I will try. You can return it.

But in one hour you already got 7 million?
Nak: With food and it's really famous. And with the site and it seems fun but some days when we're live, people think it's tense, but it's actually not tense. He is a strong person. “I'm not a weak woman that everyone has to worry about. Ant bites and mosquito bites come and scold me. He's stronger than many of the women my friends know. Most importantly, living every day has some fun and some doesn't. I want you to understand. But he and I tried To do our best. Because he always tries to do his best.

Does Jamin like to sell things? Is this fun? Because fans are worried about Nike bringing him in to sell stuff and are afraid they won't like it?
Jamin: It's so fun to come and sell. But there will be language problems that cannot be conveyed to fans. I got everything understood

Nak: He said it was very fun. But he may be worried about the language. I will always try to tell him that but when I can't speak properly, people say I'm cute. I'm not saying everything right, but it was nice. I don't know the cliches. Or if someone comes to teach him, I will brake immediately. I want him to be gentle for a long time until he gets strong and then does what he wants.

Now I'm a keeper. How well do you take care of him?
Nike: Take care of it as best you can. Because we come to work together.

So when people saw that they were selling a lot, there were a lot of people who contacted me?
Nike: Actually, there have been a lot for a while. I would like to thank the client for letting us work and being intentional about telling jokes. It's like foreigners playing with Thai words. Some people may be very worried about him, but he is actually mature and understands many things, and really wants to work. Real intent I mean it's one chance. We talked about how we didn't know how long it would take for people to like us. He is ready to work and very happy to work. I want everyone to understand as well.

But what became widespread on the day of the sale of chili paste was a small incident that occurred approximately?
Nike: (turns to talk to Jamin) Otis Holland's hand is broken, I think he's worried. It is very close to the pan. That is, he goes to pick up the rope that ties his pants. But I missed it a little, they were so cute and worried about each other. I just caught it in the right place (laughs). She asked if I was shocked. Oh, it startled me and my face almost hit the frying pan. But that's okay, it feels good.

Jamin: (laughs) The wind was blowing really hard that day. Then there was a lot of flames blowing towards B Naik, so he was worried. It was also cloth, so I went to pick it up, but it got straight to the point.

Nack: I was secretly sad and a little disappointed that his mother knew the truth that he wasn't Hollande (laughs). It wasn't meant to be like this. He told us a lot, it was a funny and nice story. Thank you to everyone who loved him.

We meet a lot, has Nike started to understand the Korean language yet?
Nike: Oh no, I have a bad personality, I let him practice Thai too much. I already know my fate. I don't have any work there. And I feel people would like his work more if he could speak Thai so people would understand it. The fact that he developed the Thai language so quickly that he made people feel impressed by who he is is the best thing. I don't know why I train so hard. But there may be some practice of some words over and over again.

Now there are no plans to return?
Nike: Yes, there is a need to go back to your parents. Go run some errands there. Because he's not a kid anymore, he's grown up and has a job there too. Once he has finished working for a while, he will be allowed to come back and rest a little. Then, I come back.

How far did the work go?
Nike: Still a long time. But we share our time let's talk about if he has a job there too. He should also go do his best work there. If he wants to come back here, let him go back and forth, it's a good opportunity. You should not leave it anywhere.

Do we have plans to go to Korea?
Nike: I have some questions about him too. But you have to wait for a good opportunity that suits you. If you have the opportunity to go, they will allow you to go. You can go already.

What duties do we have now?
Naik: First, I will ask permission to look at each work. Because we prevent problems if you let him take care of everything himself. I'm sure there will be problems. This means that I do not back down from anything, and I always emphasize that, and some people understand whether I made him sign a contract with the company or not. But he doesn't understand this either. Why haven't we signed the contract already? I feel like I did it with great confidence. I'm sure no one does it like me, there are so many risks, but I want to be honest about everything, I really want him to understand. That no one would do this and it only had negative effects on me. But I want him to be happy. If one day you grow up if you want to do something, you won't be able to stop it. I never changed. When I write songs for young people I never ask for any shares, all I do is invest and donate. I've never had anyone sign a serious contract.

What Thai language can you speak?
Gamin: Nice to meet you, be careful, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Soy Sauce, Minced Pork with Holy Basil, their names are similar, sometimes it's confusing.

What do you want to thank the people who follow you?
Jamin: Thank you so much to all the fans. “Thank you for coming today. Thank you so much for trusting him to be who he is. Thank you so much.”

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