Supercom expects relegation to the Championship at the end of the final match of the 2023-24 Premier League season: PPTVHD36

The supercomputer has predicted the winning team and the relegated team after the final match of the 2024-23 Premier League season, where Arsenal must battle with Manchester City to win the cup.

Supercomputer The betting expert analyzed the results of calculating the points table in the English Premier League for the 2023-2024 season after the end of the 38th round. The results show that Pep Guardiola’s team is ready to win the English Premier League championship for the fourth time in a row, lifting the cup by obtaining 91 points, while Arsenal was unable to Finishing the season only in second place, as he finished the season with 89 points, which gives the Blues a 68.5% chance of winning the league. At Arsenal, Mikel Arteta has a 31.5 points% chance.

Third place is Liverpool with 82 points, Aston Villa will occupy fourth place with 69 points, and Manchester United will end this season in eighth place in the table with 55 points.

While the relegated teams include Luton Town, which will occupy 18th place with 27 points, followed by Burnley, which will occupy 19th place in the table with 25 points, and Sheffield United, which is in 20th place, at the bottom of the standings with only 17 points.

Predictions for the results of the English Premier League for the 2023-2024 season
First place is Manchester City with 91 points.
Arsenal finished second with 89 points.
Liverpool finished third with 82 points.
Aston Villa finished fourth with 69 points.
Tottenham finished fifth with 65 points.
Sixth place: Newcastle with 60 points (+22)
Chelsea ranks seventh with 60 points (+13)
Manchester United finished eighth with 55 points.
West Ham United finished in ninth place with 52 points.
Brighton finished in tenth place with 51 points.
Bournemouth finished eleventh with 49 points.
Crystal Palace finished in twelfth place with 48 points.
Fulham finished thirteenth with 46 points (-8).
Wolverhampton finished in 14th place with 46 points (-15).
Everton finished in fifteenth place with 42 points.
Brentford finished in sixteenth place with 41 points.
Nottingham Forest finished 17th with 31 points.
Luton Town finished eighteenth with 27 points.
Burnley finished in nineteenth place with 25 points.
Sheffield United finished twentieth with 17 points.

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