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Ready to go big and full before the Songkran Festival, battle this week One Lumpinee 58 Featuring 11 pairs of top-tier fighters taking on each other, with two world championship belts at stake, blasting with maximum action at Lumpini Arena (Ramindra), ready for live broadcast in over 190 countries around the world.

The main couple leads the show.”Super Bon Super Bon Training CampThe famous 33-year-old footballer from Phatthalung opens the second part of the fight with “Marat Grigoryan“A powerful 32-year-old fighter, who has the Interim Featherweight Kickboxing World Championship belt (145-155) to contend for. The two have previously clashed with each other twice. They have alternated winning and losing once each. Ready to compete for a chance Dethroning the current world champion, Chingiz Alazov.

Watch the clip of the January 14, 2023 ONE Fight Night 6 match, Superbon Singmawen vs. Cengiz Alazov.

Super Bon vs Marat

While the underdog competition is for the kickboxing belt. Breakdown of straw weight (115-125 lbs) by “Jonathan Di Bella“The unbeatable holder, 27 years old, representing Italy – Canada, faces a very dangerous opponent.”Frachanchai BK Sinchai“The same generation Muay Thai World Champion that crossed the line to become a competitor with the hopes of making history as ONE Two Rules World Champion. After he showed off his beautiful kickboxing singles and his victory over Akram Hamidi before.


Di Bella vs Frachanchay

Come and join the battle for the glory of boxing greats from two eras.Nong or Hama Muay ThaiThe former ONE Muay Thai world champion, bantamweight (135-145 lbs), 37, from Sakon Nakhon, is ready to get back on the track to claim the throne. Prepare to measure the strength of the new juniors.”Kulabdam SJ Byak Uthai“The 25-year-old from Surin is hoping to make a name and get a chance to come back and fight in a big ONE event again. They both will fight each other under Muay Thai rules. rooster weight


Nong O vs Kulapdam

In addition, combat sports fans will be able to watch full entertainment from many of the industry's leading athletes, such as Siksan A Kwanmuang, Muangthai BK Saenchai, Nakorn Vertex, Jaw Swea Yai, Bangkok Thonburi University, and Kungthunthani. Somai, Chado Singmawen, Comfit Vertex, Kongchai Chiendonmuang, Aleph S Dechapan and many more who are ready to show their full skills on Friday. It deserves to be the biggest fight of the year and one that everyone will remember for a long time.

For battle One Lumpinee 58 The live broadcast on Friday 5 April will be broadcast live to fans watching in Thailand for free via channel 7HD Press 35, broadcast from 8:30-11:30pm and via the ONE Championship Thai Facebook and YouTube page. The first match can be watched starting at 7:30pm, and (some countries) will broadcast the first match until the end of the competition.


Program for every match in ONE Lumpini 58

– Main match: Superbon Superbon Training Camp vs. Marat Grigoryan (Interim World Featherweight Kickboxing Championship)

– Secondary Match: Jonathan Di Bella vs. Prachanchai BK Saenchai (World Strawweight Kickboxing Championship)

– Nong-O Hama Muay Thai vs. Kulabdam Sur Jur Biak Uthai (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs)

– Seksan A. Kwanmuang vs. Yutaro Asahi (Muay Thai, catch weight 142 lbs)

– Muangthai B.K. Saenchai vs. Narok Vertex (Muay Thai, Flyweight 125-135 lbs)

– Jao Suya Yai, Bangkok University Thonburi vs. Kongthorin S. Somai (Muay Thai, catch weight 134 lbs)

– Chado Singmawin vs. Eric Herr (Muay Thai, featherweight 145-155 lbs)

– Khumvit Vertex vs. Kongchai Chindonmuang (Muay Thai, catch weight 126 lbs)

– Jake Peacock vs. Kohei Shinjo (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs)

– Alif Sor Dechapan vs. Zhang Bimian (kickboxing, strawweight 115-125 lbs)

– Jurai Ishii vs. Satoshi Katashima (Muay Thai, catch weight 122 lbs)

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