Summary of the Korean series “Song of the Bandits” [2023]

“When a gang of ruthless people rise up to protect people’s lives and take back the land.”

Universal Title: Bandit Song
Korean title: 도적: 칼의 소리 | do-jeok: kal-eui so-ri
Thai surname: Lanam Khun Chud
Series type: Action, Adventure, Retro
Series rating: 16+
Director: Hwang Joon-hyuk, directed Black Dog (tvN, 2019) • Park Hyeon-seok, directed Hometown (tvN, 2021)
Screenwriter: Han Jeong-hoon (Han Jeong-hoon), screenwriter of the series Bad Guys: Vile City (OCN, 2017) and Squad 38 (OCN, 2016)
Developer: Dragon Studio
Produced by: Urban Works and Baram Pictures
Streaming in Thailand and South Korea on: Netflix, dubbed in Thai with Thai subtitles.
Number of broadcast episodes: 9 episodes, each episode lasts 70 minutes, broadcast in one day.
Broadcast date and time: Friday, September 22, 2023 at 2:00 PM (in Thailand) onwards.

Introducing the characters who play the role of those in the series “Lam Nam Khun Chud | Bandit Song”

Kim Nam Gil as Lee Yeon
The former slaves who were not accustomed to the free life did not learn anything and did not have the opportunity to do so and despite the abolition of the caste system and becoming a free man, he still had the attitude of slavery. His former boss recommended him as a soldier under the Japanese Army. So he did as his honorable master told him. Create an action to eliminate Dama’s army. He served the Japanese Empire until he became famous for his skills. They ended up getting involved in the war

Seohyun plays Nam Hee Shin
A young freedom activist who stood up and fought for the nation’s independence. Hide your true self

Yoo Jae Myung plays Choi Chung Soo
A former medical officer owns land in Gyeongseong City for elders in the Korean Liberation Army

Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Kwang Il
The youngest skilled Joseon officer in the Imperial Japanese Army. He was the one who burned Yi Yun’s slave registration. He refined himself into an excellent soldier in the Japanese Army. He is Yi Yoon’s former boss, friend, brother, and arch enemy.

Lee Ho Jung plays On Nyeon Yi
A female skilled archer guides another daredevil towards the chaotic grounds of Gando City.

Join together

Kim Seol Jin as Colonel Miura Shuhei

Summary of the series “The Song of Thieves”

In 1905, the Korean Empire was forced to sign the Treaty of Eulsa. Angry Koreans rose up and formed an army of Dama defenders. But Japanese military forces launched a campaign of extermination. Lead the Nationalist warriors into the territories of Manchuria and Yeonhaijo and order everyone to respect and obey the Japanese Empire.

Later in the 1920s, it was the colonial era when Japan still had influence over Korea. A group of people including murderers, rebels and Joseon refugees. Who ended up in the lawless city of Myeongjeong, Gando Province, for various reasons. The so-called Fools who were associated in the past were brought together to form the Korean Independence Army to fight the Japanese military forces. The Joseon Empire protected the Korean people.
Lee Yeon (Kim Nam Gil), a former skilled soldier with the rank of second lieutenant. Disobeying the young master’s orders, Lee Kwang Il (played by Lee Hyun Wook) leaves Gyeongseong City. Head to the northern part of Anarchy Gando. This is to find people who have connections from the past. But every step of the way, he still had to be wary of dangers on all sides. Who challenges strength and ability all the time

Meanwhile, Nam Hye Shin (played by Kim Soo Hyun), is an independent activist for restoring independence. Participate in a secret mission at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new railway line. It was created by Kando but he faced obstacles that hindered his plans. When an unexpected event occurred and this incident aroused suspicions on the Japanese side.

On the other hand, Li Wang Il rushed to create businesses. They used force to extract information from captured Liberation Army members. Meanwhile, Lee Yoon was trying to find a way to get to Nam Hee Shin, but was stopped by On Nyeon Yi (played by Lee Ho Jung), a female sniper.

At the same time, the news about financing the construction of a railway line was overwhelming. It has spread throughout Kandu. Yi Yun and the gang encountered the bandits on horseback. On the other hand, Nam Hee Shin is secretly planning his own plans.

Yi Yun follows up on the money needed to build a railway that was stolen by thieves. Even getting involved in a chaotic event and then following Nam Hee Shin. Invite her to help you complete the task. But she still has to face another wave of problems.

Choi Chung-soo (played by Yoo Jae-myung) is suspicious of Lee Yeon’s motives. In creating the Korean Independence Army in Gando, though the truth behind it may cause a rift in the relationship between the villains. Meanwhile, Onyi’s team issues an ultimatum to Choi Chung-soo.

While performing an important task, Onnyeonee hesitated. Until his suspicions were revealed and he was finally arrested. When everyone comes together to fight Gwang Il, Nam Hye Shin and Lee Yeon are forced to officially break up.

But Li Yun finally confronts Young Master Guang Il and begins a fierce gun battle. Chung Soo and the rebels fought with Jang Ki Ryong (played by -) and the gang to protect Gando City and keep it safe.

Cheongsu and the rebels clashed with the Japanese military police, while Gwangil, Nam Hee Shin, and Lee Yeon learned of the Japanese army’s true plan in Gundo.

Follow the action series Based on history, “Song of the Bandits” tells the story of the era when Korea was under Japanese colonization. The struggle of a small group of hundreds of fathers who banded together to form forces to protect the Joseon Empire. You can now watch both the Thai subtitled and the Thai dubbed from September 22, 2023 at 2:00 PM onwards, only on Netflix.

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