Summary of the Chinese series “Deadly Shooter | Dead Ringer” [2023]

• “When a hot-headed police officer teams up with a detective inspector. Solve the strangest murder mystery.”

International title: Dead Ringer
Thai title: Deadly Shooter
Chinese title: 疊影狙擊 | Ying Ju Ji dies
Series type: crime, action, drama, investigation
exit : –
writer: –
Number of broadcast episodes: 24 episodes, each episode lasts 45 minutes (approximately)
Broadcast day and time: Every Monday – Friday at 5:00 PM (in Thailand)
Show duration: starts with the first episode on October 14 – October 27, 2023.
Watch legally in Thailand via: YOUKU International app and website only | App members: Watch 5 episodes on the first day, then will update every day from Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM (in Thailand). Two episodes | Non-APP member: Watch 2 episodes on the first day, then every day from Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM (in Thailand) 1 episode will be updated daily, you can follow the broadcast history. Via social media of YOUKU (Youku)

Introducing the characters who play the role of those in the series “Dead Ringer | Dead Ringer”

Huang Zong Ze or Bosco Wong (Huang Zong Ze | Bosco Wong) plays Yuan Wangjie.
– Senior inspector from China and Hong Kong

Zhou Xiu Na (Chrissie Chau) as Wei Xiaochen and Liang Xi
-Wei Xiao Chen, Chief of the Special Police of Singapore under the Singapore Police Headquarters
-Liang Xi, Insurance Claims Manager Wei Xiaoqin’s twin sister.

The role is played by Wong Ho Yin or Raymond Wong (Wong Ho Yin | Raymond Wong).

Huang Hao Ran as

Summary of the series “Deadly Shooter | Dead Ringer”

On Wei Xiaoqin (played by Zhou Xiona), the head of the Singapore Special Police led the SWAT team of the Singapore Police Headquarters. Dismantling the base of a human trafficking network to help women sent into prostitution in Singapore. The gang leader is Thai!

But then she had to stand still, her whole body frozen. When a woman’s lifeless body was found on a bed in a nearby secret room. The room where the victim is kept is Liang Xi (played by Zhou Xiuna), an insurance claims manager. Her twin sister!

Twin brothers are like this pair. Their parents divorced when they were young. They had to be separated in China and Hong Kong since 2004, when his mother took Xiao Chen to move to Singapore. Besides changing his last name, Liang Xi still lives with his father in China, Hong Kong.

Brandon (playing himself) is a forensic doctor. Confirming that the deceased was really her younger sister, Xiao Chen felt extremely sorry. He is very upset and blames his mistake in finding his twin sister too late. She reports to confirm her sister’s identity with Yao Han (played by -), the head of the Singapore Special Police, that her sister is definitely not a prostitute. He volunteered to take responsibility for this case even though Yao Han protested strongly, because the victim was her sister. Xiao Chen insisted: No one wants to catch the criminal in this situation as much as you do.

With the help of her lover, a technology police officer, Ma Jiangming (played by Ma Jiangming) allows Xiao Chen to look into her sister’s social media. He received information that Liang Xi was in contact with “Roger Lee” (played by -), a high-ranking engineer at Trinity. It is the last and there was also a letter that the younger sister did not read. “Yuan Chengjie” (played by Huang Zhongze or Bosco Wong) Xiao Chen was surprised not to find Chengjie’s information on social media. All I know is that he is traveling to Singapore. She decides to pretend to be her twin sister and call the hotel. Until further information was obtained, Roger Li sent a package with the letters RL written on it to Liang Xi’s hotel, who signed the package himself.

Xiao Chen also receives information from “Peng Zhuoqi” (who plays him), a Singaporean special police officer affiliated with the same agency, that Cheng Jie is a senior police inspector from Hong Kong China. She came to Singapore to investigate the disappearance of an engineer named Roger Lee and also learned that her younger sister used her cell phone to call her mother’s house. So he rushed to look for evidence. And then I became very sad. Because Liang Xi left a message on the home phone recorder. He told her to go to the hotel where her sister was staying. Most importantly, I asked her for help as well.

Meanwhile, a call from Roger Li came to Xiao Qin’s sister’s mobile phone. Roger Li pressed to answer, and said in an impatient voice that he had requested the USB that he had returned to him. She pretended to be Liang Xi and arranged to meet the other party. When they met each other in a secret place, Roger Li immediately asked for a USB. Xiao Chen as Liang Xi pretended to ask why she was being sent back. He said it was very dangerous. And that she might die herself because he would kill and close his mouth. This matter concerns a group of real estate developers.

After sending the fake USB to me, Roger immediately knew that it was not Liang Xi. When he turned to flee, a sniper shot him in the face, causing Roger’s body to fall to the ground and die instantly. The gunman was chased until he was arrested. A heated battle ensued. But she managed to escape.

She is a special combat police officer at Singapore Police Headquarters and vows that she will devote the rest of her life to finding the truth behind the murder and brutally stealing her sister’s heart. While Liang Xi was still alive by teaming up with a top veteran player of the game from China and Hong Kong. She knew that he was actually Liang Xi’s lover.

Two police officers are determined to catch the evil person behind this incident. To be punished appropriately

Follow us to find out the surprising secret of the case. Two enterprising police officers team up to hunt down a brutal killer. An action-packed female police officer from Singapore and a police detective from Hong Kong in “Deadly Shooter | Dead Ringer” broadcast only on YOUKU International every Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM, from 12 October 2023 onwards.

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