Summary of the best artificial intelligence at Google “Bard” changed his name to “Gemini”

February 9, 2024

Many people might know about Google's AI called “Bard” which is an AI chatbot that helps in searching and summarizing information. Including help answering difficult questions within seconds.

However, from today we will not see the name “Bard” again.

Because a few hours ago, Google announced a new brand.
Bard and all AI-related products like Duet AI (the AI ​​that runs on Google Workspace that helps with writing) will be renamed “Gemini” instead.

Gemini will come with new capabilities including a free version and collecting money from users

What are the details of Gemini? What's interesting? So how is it similar or not similar to Google Bard?

1. Google is changing the chatbot's domain name
From cold or Which a lot of people use to help them work for free
Is he Gemini or…

2. Developed into Gemini Pro, which is another level of chatbot from Google which has advanced to the next level, be it

– The ability to answer questions, summarize, translate, write, and think about ideas with greater variety than before.
What is interesting is that images can be created that come from entering commands

– Ability to interact in conversations and answer questions naturally. And smoother than before

Originally, the Bard was an artificial intelligence searching for information to answer.
But now Gemini will summarize information from searches from many sources and then summarize it and provide answers instead.

This helps users better understand the variety of content they want.

3. It was released as a smartphone application to facilitate users' access to Gemini

Previously, if we wanted to use Bard to search for information, we had to use it through the website only.
But recently Google released an app. To make it easier for users to access Gemini

On the Android side, there will be a new app called Gemini.
Which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and then used to easily search for information via your smartphone.

Or you can use Gemini through the Google Assistant app, most of which is already installed on the device.

Start by giving a voice command like “Hey Google, talk to Gemini.”
You can also request whatever you want Gemini to help you with, including composing songs, writing articles, summarizing content, translating languages, or writing emails.

As for iOS, Google said that it will not launch a new application like Android.

But it will work with existing apps like Google Assistant, which will have a Gemini icon for users to tap on and use as well.

And I must say that all this part of Gemini is open for use “for free”.

But for those who want to use Gemini in a more advanced way.
Google also launched “Gemini Advanced”

It is the most skilled and intelligent artificial intelligence, whether in academics, science, physics or mathematics.
Reasons can also be found in matters of law and ethics.

You can also write code in popular programming languages ​​like Python, Java, and C++ which have become more complex and efficient than before.

However, Gemini Advanced is not free.

But Google's strategy is to “up-sell” with the Google One package that is already available at 350 baht per month.

Which will receive 2TB of Google Cloud or Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail storage

Come upgrade to “Google One AI Premium” which comes at 750 baht/month or 7,500 baht/year.

What you'll get are the same services as before, like 2TB of storage, but with added extras.

– Gemini Advanced or Gemini Ultra, which is the best artificial intelligence.
It should be noted that Gemini Advanced currently only supports English. Support for other languages ​​will be expanded later.

– Gemini is there to help write emails on Gmail, help write content on Google Docs, and help create presentation slides on Google Slides.

– Meetings can be held via Google Meet with higher video quality

To easily explain from the beginning to anyone who was already using Google One at 350 baht
Pay 400 baht extra but you will get twice as many services as before..

This is the story and details of “Bard” in his transition to “Gemini.”

Google said that the name has changed this time because it reflects our commitment to developing the artificial intelligence assistant or AI assistant.

Gemini is the same name as the large language model that Google is developing.

However, Google's strategy is to use Gemini for free and for a fee.
Similar to OpenAI's business model, the owner of ChatGPT, a free and paid chatbot for GPT-4, is more powerful.

It ended with an exciting story.

Did you know that in addition to Google's Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra, they also have the Gemini Nano?

Which Gemini Nano is used in two brands of smartphones and tablets.
These series include the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, which was recently launched as the Galaxy AI Phone, and the Google Pixel 8 series.

The Gemini Nano is slightly less capable than the Gemini Pro. But it can also be used offline.

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