Summary of 6 important issues about the King of Britain, “The King’s Speech” for the first time in 72 years.

Topic summary: His Majesty King Charles III of England delivered a royal speech at the opening of the Parliament session, which was the first speech by a king in 72 years since King George VI in 1951.

The BBC news agency summarized the issue.King Charles III of England Today (November 7), His Majesty the King delivered a royal speech at the opening of Parliament, which is considered the first speech by the King in 72 years since King George VI in 1951.

Although it is called royal advice but it is actually a guideline of national administration policy set by the government. It includes details of 21 laws submitted by the government to Parliament during its opening session.

About a third of the material was carried over from previous sessions. Or it has already been published in some form. This is the first scheme from Prime Minister Richie Sunak’s government and is likely to be the last before the UK general election. Which is expected to take place next year, 2024

The BBC reported that King Charles III He began by honoring the selfless work of Queen Elizabeth II, which he referred to by using the term “Mother Most Beloved.” Instead of naming the Queen, he then spoke about the UK’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from European Union membership (Brexit) and many other important issues

To view a summary of part of the royal advice regarding the opening of the first parliamentary session in 72 years, it is as follows:

1. Trade

  • Opening the way for the UK to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Asia-Pacific Trade Partnership (CPTPP) with 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Energy and environment

  • Switching from a periodic privileges system to an annual privileges system. For oil and gas companies in the North Sea creating incentives and ensuring the country’s energy security

3. Crime and justice

  • Ensure life imprisonment for those convicted in serious murder cases, prevent those convicted in serious rape cases from requesting early release from their sentences, and may consider imposing reduced sentences for community misdemeanor cases.
  • The judge has the right to order the prisoner to be brought to hear the decision in the courtroom. It gives police new powers to enter buildings and confiscate stolen goods without a warrant.

    Summary of 6 important issues about the King of Britain

4. Security inspection

  • Grant law enforcement officials access to specific personal information. Requiring technology companies to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior to clear data security features.

5. Technology and media

  • Establishment of a legal framework in Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) for self-driving cars.
  • There should be laws that promote online consumer rights and address the problem of fake reviews.
  • Enacting new legislation on digital transformation and data protection that replaces the original law adopted by the European Union.
  • The Media Bill was passed earlier this year and would remove the rule requiring media companies to pay the legal costs of those who sue them. Even if they win the case

6. Social change

  • Preparing to pass the smoking ban law, gradually divided into stages. and proposed restrictions on the physical packaging and marketing of e-cigarettes.
  • An independent football regulatory committee should be established. To attend and assist with the care of the English Football Club especially the financial management

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