Stunned, the first Thai celebrity to wear a silk evening dress to the Thai Night event in Cannes.

Beautiful beauty queen and actress Vahsay Pawinsoda Darwin appeared in a long light pink evening dress stitched from thongchai silk. Add an elegant touch with accessories from Saran.

Pink scissors, from the RAMAYANA LIFE OF ART collection, with long drop earrings. The pink color is inspired by the murals at Wat Phra Kaew. It is one of the shades that describes a woman's identity and role very well. Makes it look soft, pretty and sweet. In the middle of the “Thai Night: Where Movies Come to Life” dinner at the 77th Cannes International Film Festival in France.

“For you to attend this year's Thai Dinner is very happy and honorable. So we thought with our personal manager that we would like to wear an evening dress made of Thai fabric. Because we wanted people at this event to see the beauty of our Thai fabric as it represents the soft power of Thailand, so we chose Pak silk Thong Chai to sew it into the evening dress and it is the result because everyone, especially foreigners, praise that the clothes we wear are beautiful.

We told him that it is made of Thai cloth from our country. Vasai told him briefly. Our Thai cloth had to be hand woven which took several months to do. There are many designs to choose from. There are many beautiful colors. Which interested many foreigners who listened to him and said that if he had the chance to travel to Thailand he would buy it again and make beautiful dresses. Wear some as well. We ourselves feel happy when we hear people praise Thai products as beautiful. Therefore, Vahsai invites foreigners to travel to Thailand as well. I told him that Thailand has a lot of beautiful places to visit, and some people said that they had been to Thailand before and that they would find time to visit too.

How can you attend this event?

“I have to tell you first that Al-Fahsai came this time. We will go as executives of Hollywood Queen Company, our company will hold a press conference on June 7, it is a company that produces content for films, dramas and series, I would like to share this company with everyone.

What are you doing at the Cannes Film Festival this time?

“In addition to attending the Thai Night event, we still have many functions. Many other activities. Including the Fahsai surprise, we can say that we ourselves are very excited. As for whatever it is, I want the fans to everyone join in the excitement together. ”

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