Streamer who broke again at TwitchCon shows surgery scar

Adriana Chechik

screenshot: Twitch

Adriana Chechik, from She made headlines earlier this month after she broke her back in two places at TwitchConShe’s back on stream with some updates — and a closer look — at how she’s recovering.

If you haven’t witnessed the incident, Chechik broke her back at TwitchCon after jumping into a foam pit, a seemingly harmless move, thanks to the shallowness of the reported pit. The tailbone smashed to the ground so hard that her “bones were completely shattered,” several vocalizations fused together and she suffered “nerve damage in the [her] bladder”.

It was her recovery process harsh. This is what I wrote on October 13 after a physiotherapy session:

Tried sitting today at PT, I’d rather die than do it again. I hate this my whole body hates it. I don’t want to be harsh. I don’t want to be brave, I cried for an hour and the pain is so massive through all the medication. I wonder if I can do that. I can’t explain this pain.

Chechik, now at home after several surgeries – lasting more than five hours – returned to Twitch over the weekend to provide more updates on the injury, its consequences, and how it’s working weeks after the accident.

In this clip, Şişek recalls how she still panted while performing even the simplest of daily tasks, before a huge scar appeared that ran down the middle of her back:

Later on during the play, she says that the scans she had while in the hospital revealed that she was unknowingly pregnant at the time of the injury, but then lost the baby due to the required surgery on her spine:

In the wake of this accident and other injuries he sustained, Neither Twitch (the organizers of TwitchCon) or Kairos Media (the creative agency that actually runs the kiosk) has publicly commented.

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