Stocks that enter and exit the SET50

The Thai stock index closed on November 3, 2023 at 1,419.76 points, up 15.77 points, with a trading value of 45,779.45 million baht, with foreigners selling a net 574.82 million baht.

Stocks with the highest trading value: PTTEP closed at 165 baht plus 3.50 baht, SCB closed at 100 baht plus 1 baht, KBANK closed at 133.50 baht plus 1 baht, CPALL closed at 56.75 baht plus 0.25 baht, GPSC closed at 43.50 Baht plus 3 baht.

Krungri Patanasin Securities Analysis Release The strategy team has calculated entry/exit stocks SET50-SET100 for 1H24 before the market announcement. Stocks entering and exiting this round will be selected in mid-December 2023 and will be effective from January 1, 2024. To see the results of this round of calculations using data from December 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023 (there are still 22 days of data remaining) the forecast results will be closer From the first round in the SET50 section, but there may be some errors in the SET100 stock group with the following results:

The stocks that are expected to enter the SET50 this time are 3 companies: KCE (100% chance), JMT (55% chance), ITC (55% chance). As for the stocks expected to fall below the SET50 this time, there are 3 companies INTUCH (chance of falling). 100%, TLI (100% probability of falling), TIDLOR (55% probability of falling).

In addition, the stocks expected to enter the SET100 this time are 13 companies, namely ITC, SISB, SAPPE, RBF, ICHI, MOSHI, TKN, SC, THCOM, GFPT, MAJOR. As for the stocks expected to exit the SET100 this time, 13 companies. They are ACE, BCPG., CKP, GUNKUL, INTUCH, MBK, SABUY, THANI, THG, TIPH, TLI, TQM

Asia Plus Securities Recommended Investment Strategies Maintain the weight of the Thai equity portfolio at 30% of the portfolio (neutral) by looking at the range of movement of the SET Index in October 2023 at 1,350-1,430 points, with the SET INDEX contracting to the consolidation zone and still enjoying the upside. Remaining for this year and next year should be a point to look for stocks to add weight to the portfolio.

RECOMMENDED INVESTMENT STRATEGIES FOR NOVEMBER: Choose premium underlying stocks that are well priced to accumulate and have unique factors backing them for a better chance of market recovery such as CPN, ERW, BH, MAJOR, WHA, CPALL, TIDLOR!!

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