Stock Exchange of Thailand SET 27 March. Finished with a positive +3.60 points. There are important factors to follow.

Thailand's stock market environment on March 27, 2024 was very light. The morning market opened slightly on the downside. With important support from the passage of the draft Budget Law 67, the 3rd session of the Senate, the SET index market ended at 1,380.83 points, an increase of 3.60 points or 0.26% with a trade value of 31,800.29 million baht, while the MAI market index ended at 31,800.29 million baht. 412.63 points, increase. Trade value increased by 1.38 points or 0.34% to 1,329.06 million baht.

The bond analyst side is backed by the issue of the Senate approving the draft, seeing a rise in the Thai stock market. The 2024 budget law is expected to be passed in mid-April. However, the market is still awaiting clarity from the monetary policy committee meeting on April 10, which is expected to cut interest rates. and the US Personal Consumption Expenditure Index (PCE) later this week. Including the progress of the digital wallet project

Trade information as of 27 March 2024
– Net sales by domestic investors -1,002.66 million baht
– Institutional investors net buying +448.82 million baht
– Net purchases by foreign investors +678.23 million baht
– Securities company account, net sales -124.39 million baht

For top 5 places with highest trade value (27 Mar. '24 compared to 26 Mar. '24)

1. BKGI trade value 974.115 million baht, closing price 3.56 baht, +0.18 baht increase.
2. AOT trade value 884.974 million baht, closing price 65.50 baht, increased by +1.00 baht.
3. Actual trade value 884.084 million baht, closing price 8.00 baht, increased by +0.05 baht.
4. SCC trade value 850.773 million baht, closing price 259.00 baht, +5.00 baht increase.
5. KAMART trade value 667.728 million baht, closing price 15.90 baht, +1.10 baht increase.

(Thailand SET Stock Exchange Information as of March 27, 2024)

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