Spain wants to re-export Swiss munitions

Spain wants to support its war against Russia by re-exporting Swiss war goods to Ukraine (thumbnail). Keystone/AP/LIBKOS sda-ats

This content was published on January 17, 2023 – 19:26


Spain wants to re-export Swiss munitions to Ukraine It filed an official request for two 35mm anti-aircraft guns with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) on Monday, Keystone-ATS learned on Tuesday.

The Federal Council decided in June 2022 that due to the principle of equal treatment provided for by the Neutrality Act and the Federal Law on War Material, the re-export of war material should be refused if the destination country is involved in an international armed conflict. This is the case with Ukraine and Russia, writes Seco.

The latter therefore considered it impossible to recognize the Spanish claim. However, he will look into it and give an official reply.

Asked about the re-export of Swiss weapons to Ukraine on RTS’s airwaves on Tuesday evening, the head of the federation, Alain Perset, repeatedly said that Switzerland has clear rules. “Switzerland is a neutral country, it is a country of the Geneva Conventions, it is a country involved in peace mediation, an international Geneva country; it has a slightly different role from other countries,” the minister said. said. “It’s important that she continues to play authentically.”

Refusal to Germany and Denmark

The Confederation has already rejected two of Germany’s demands. One, from spring 2022, is specifically aimed at 32 millimeter ammunition, used specifically for the guns of Cheetah anti-aircraft tanks, and 12.7 millimeters.

The other dates back to last November and concerns about 12,400 Swiss-made 35mm rounds of ammunition for Cheetah-type anti-aircraft tanks. Similarly, Denmark refused Bern last June to deliver 22 Swiss-made piranha tanks to Q.

However, the Federal Council considered it possible to supply munitions to European arms companies in the form of assembly components or spare parts, provided that their share of the final product was below a certain threshold of manufactured munitions. Sent to Ukraine.

These transactions present the risk that some components will be used in war materials and then delivered to Ukraine, but the government has assessed that current practice is compatible with neutrality law.

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