Space battle: China launches a satellite to compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink

Key points

  • China sends satellites into space. He hopes to compete with Elon Musk
  • China launches its first low-orbit network satellite in December 2023
  • The 300 satellites will orbit at a much lower altitude than competing satellites. It’s a challenge. And show superior potential

This was stated by Business Insider, citing a report by CGTN ChinaPlan for releaseSatellitesThe launch into ultra-low orbit into space will include 300 communications satellites and remote sensing satellites.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) It plans to launch 192 satellites in 2027 and another 300 in 2030.

The Bloomberg report compared the height of satellites in the network.Starlink (Starlink) to Elon Musk It was found to have a low orbit. Its height is 550 kmChinese satellite Its height is 300 – 450 kilometers.

However, moreA very low orbit satellite (VLEO) are more at risk of being disturbed by Earth’s gravity. This is considered a challenge, and scientists have devised techniques to find it so that satellites can successfully orbit at low altitudes

while SatellitesThis type is smaller, cheaper, and less susceptible to collision with space debris. This satellite has a better chance of connecting to the signal. It is useful in trade and news

The latest satellite launch plan will be an important stepChinese space programme But it raised concerns from the US Department of Defense.

China recently launched a space station with its own crew. It also announced plansBuild a base on the moon Who overcomes SpaceX And Amazon Blue Origin to launch rockets powered by methane fuel. In orbit

“China still has itSatellite transmissionThe number of its stars has doubled or more than 700 since 2019, with nearly a third of the total usingIntelligence “Reconnaissance and surveillance,” said Gen. Chance Saltzman, chief of space operations.

However, China is still far behind Musk’s Starlink, because if you count all of SpaceX’s satellites, there are about 5,000. Musk also plans to launch more satellites next year. Which Musk has previously mentioned plans to build a constellation of 42,000 satellites.

While SpaceX has no launch schedule.Spacecraft rocket The second time this weekend. That can affordStarlink satelliteLarge size and newer model

Musk said improvements have been made.Missile developmentThis is more than 1,000 times to prevent it from exploding like the first attempt to launch it to the base in April.

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