Source says unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant who evaluated the Miami Dolphins fired QB Tua Tagovailoa due to ‘several errors’

Unaffiliated trauma consultant involved in the clearance of the Miami Dolphins Toa Tagoviloa A league source told ESPN’s Marcel Louis-Jacques on Saturday that he was sent off during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills after it was found he made “several errors” in his assessment.

Tagovailoa was assessed for a concussion during a Bills match after hitting the back of his head on the ground looking shaky. But the quarterback was cleared to stay in the game and play Thursday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was taken to hospital on Thursday after hitting his head in the grass while being fired by having his nose treated from the Bengals. Josh Topo in the second quarter. Tagovailoa remained on the grass for about 12 minutes before being taken off the field on a stretcher and eventually taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with a concussion and neck injury.

Tagovailoa has been diagnosed with a concussion and is included in the protocol and there is no timetable for return, according to Dolphins.

The Dolphins said Tagovailoa has passed multiple concussion assessments — including one in the first half of a Bills game and every day before Thursday’s game, according to Allen Sales, the NFL’s chief medical officer.

The NFL Players Association began its right to request a review of the league’s concussion protocol after Sunday’s game. Sales told ESPN’s Stefania Bell at SportsCenter earlier on Saturday that an “active review” was still underway.

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