SOS doctors suspend visits after attack

“We are exercising our right of withdrawal and in solidarity with our colleague we will not go home until 8am on Monday,” head of SOS Médecins 68, Frédéric Triniszewski, told AFP.

One of his colleagues was visiting a patient in Mulhouse town center early on Saturday afternoon, “when he was taken to task by his wife who reprimanded him for his delay in intervention”. The story of the president of SOS Médecins 68.

The man told the doctor to “get out” and threatened to kill him. “Then he went to get a gun, which he pointed in front of the doctor, repeating his death threats”, still says Dr. Triniszewski.

on a thigh

Frightened, the 30-year-old young coach decided to leave the campus. “After returning, he was shot twice in the right thigh, with severe pain,” said the head of SOS Médecins 68.

According to Dr Triniszewski, the general practitioner quickly arrested the shooter and called the police, who seized the weapon, “a ball gun, a very faithful replica of a pump gun”. His colleague, he said, was “particularly shaken” and had “hematomas”.


The young professional filed a complaint, SOS Médecins 68 announced that he had filed a civil action. Already known to justice, the alleged assailant was taken into police custody and will appear before a judge on Monday for an immediate appearance, the Mulhouse prosecutor’s office told AFP.

However, consultations at the Mulhouse office of SOS Médecins are always possible “so as not to hold the population hostage,” emphasized Dr. Triniszewski.

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