Sonya Deville appears in NXT, corresponds to Toxic Attraction

Shortly after Alba Fyre defeated Jacy Jayne during this week’s episode of NXT TV, she was attacked by a black-clad person sitting in the crowd. He was not impressed with the content.

It was Sonya Deville.

The SmackDown star, who has kind of lost out in recent months on the main roster, appeared on the developmental brand apparently to align with Toxic Attraction, where Jayne and Gigi Dolin helped put Fyre through a table.

Later, she was asked backstage what she was doing and made it very clear:

“Mandy and I have had our differences but she’s still my best friend. And if Jesse and Gigi are girls, then they’re my girl, so does that make sense? I don’t know what Alba Fire is thinking about her blazing or flaming bat or whatever his name is, but I think she might have She burned a few cells from her brain. You can’t just kidnap the greatest champion in NXT history and expect her to get away for nothing. You can have that. You can have that. That’s why I’m here.”

She was saying that she would wait for Fyre in the ring next week, and if she chose to attend, she would not make it to the Halloween Havoc, where she is scheduled to challenge Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship.


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