so sweet! “Nim Kanungpim” bride “P'Wen” kneels to propose marriage: PPTVHD36

See the sweetest photos of the “Nim AF” singer having a boyfriend outside the industry. Wearing a proposal ring Friends are warmly welcomed.

The bride-to-be is a good singer from AF House.”Neem-Kanungpim Thanavichakorn Who once came out to open up about their love and relationship with “P'Wen” a young man who has been out of the industry for many years and planning for the future together Recently there is happy news. When a man makes a surprise marriage proposal and there is a warm welcome among close friends.

The girl, Nim, revealed photos of moments from an important day in her life on Instagram. I am ready to write what is in my heart:

“And I said yes @wendosk121, I love you so much. Thank you Pring, the birthday boy. For tricking me into buying a cake to put on the ring for myself, I hope you are very happy. More than you made me happy today. Thank you P'Pit and P'Prin who always help with everything To the utmost extent. Thank you Mickey Champ for coming to surprise me in the most smooth way. I really love everyone so much today I can't write anything right. Thank you my brother Wayne for always loving and caring. I love you …Finally, I am by your side now.”

This time fans and friends in the industry came and many came to join in congratulating each other.

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