Slovakia's Prime Minister was “ambushed” by an attacker and is now “out of danger”.

Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico was attempted to be assassinated by an attacker using a gun at gunpoint during a cabinet meeting and travel on Wednesday (May 15), the latest case being “out of danger”, according to information from a minister.

Vigo (59 years old) was hit by five bullets, resulting in serious injury. He was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery on Wednesday evening (15).

“I'm very shocked…but fortunately, as far as I know, the surgery went well. I think you'll be safe in the end. Your condition is now out of danger.” Tomas Taraba, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment, Slovakia was interviewed on BBC Newshour.

Taraba provided additional information. One of the bullets entered Figo's stomach and the other hit his joint.

The news agency, citing another unnamed source, confirmed that Figo's condition was “stable.”

A few hours ago, Slovak Defense Minister Robert Kalinac said in a press conference that Figo had suffered “serious multiple traumas” as a result of being shot several times, while Interior Minister Matos Sutaj Istok was also told that Figo's condition during his admission to the operating room was in “good condition.” Life and death are the same thing.”

Sutaj Istok also said that “this assassination attempt was politically motivated. The perpetrators of the crime decided to act after the presidential elections that took place last April, which were won by Fico’s ally Peter Pellegrini.”

An assassination attempt occurred on Fico in the town of Handlova in central Slovakia. Meanwhile, media reported that the perpetrator was a 71-year-old man, and that the incident shocked people in the country. Including calling for condemnation from leaders around the world because Slovakia is a member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) and does not have a very long history of political violence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden, and European leaders expressed their shock. He issued a statement condemning this assassination attempt.

After being shot, Figo was taken to a hospital in Hondlová, where the mobile cabinet meeting was held, before being transferred by helicopter to the regional capital Banska Bysterica for urgent surgery. His condition was so serious that he could not be transferred to a hospital in Bratislava.

An eyewitness told Reuters that he heard several gunshots after Figo left the meeting building and shook hands with the people who were waiting to greet him. Then the police rushed and pinned the man to the ground.

Slovak media reported that the perpetrator was a former security guard at a department store. He is also a “poet” with three works and is a member of the Slovak Writers' Association. news agency quoted the shooter's son as saying: His father had a legal gun license. “But I don't really know. What is Father's intention? What plans does he have? And what happened?”

Slovakia, with a population of 5.4 million, has become increasingly politically divided in recent years. Since his return to the post of Prime Minister and another time in October last year, Figo has changed its policies. Suddenly asked whether to reduce support for Ukraine and turn to open further negotiations with Russia. Trying to reduce the penalty rate in corruption cases. Abolition of the Office of Special Prosecutor, etc.

Fico also criticized the work of the mainstream media in Slovakia. He refused to give interviews to some media outlets and members of his party have attacked the media and opposition figures in recent months.

Source: Reuters

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