Sinn Fin separatists have achieved historic success

On the eve of a historic victory in Northern Ireland, the nationalist party Sinn Fein pledged Saturday a “new era” in support of the reunification of all Ireland.

As the long list of ballots cast in the ballot to nominate the 90 elected members of the local council improves on Thursday, partial results give Sinn Fin a slight lead over its union rival, the DUP, which is in favor of retaining it within the British crown. This is the first time in the province’s 100 – year history that Brexit has caused tension.

Michael O’Neill of Mid-Ulster, a faction of Mid-Ulster, the leader of Sinn Fய்in in Northern Ireland, promises to transcend divisions, entering “a moment of great change today” and “a new era.” “I will provide leadership that guarantees the rights and equality of those who have been marginalized, discriminated against or neglected in the past, and celebrates inclusiveness and diversity.”

Tough speeches

A victory would push Michelle O’Neill to the post of head of local government, jointly run by nationalists and trade unionists under the 1998 peace agreement.

In Belfast, out of 79 places announced so far, Sinn Fein has 23 seats, DUP 22 seats and the British Crown favors.

The Nationalist Party already has the highest number of first-preference votes (29% against 21.3%) and the situation should not be reversed at the end of the count. DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has admitted on Sky News that Sinn Fன்in is set to become the new ruling party in the legislature.

But talks to form a government promise to be tough and risk a freeze, with unionists refusing to join the government as long as there are post-Brexit tariffs, which, according to them, threaten unity. Kingdom. United.

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“I want a government in Northern Ireland, but it must be based on a stable foundation,” he said. Donaldson laments that the Northern Irish Protocol “damages the economy of the province” and its “politics of stability”.

“People are talking, and now our job is to appear. I expect others to do the same,” Michelle O’Neill told reporters.

He called for a ‘healthy debate’ on the future of Northern Ireland, saying the new executive should prioritize tackling the rising cost of living, and after a campaign he stressed community and community rather than constitutional issues.

Bloody past

Northern Ireland, marked by three decades of bloody unrest and Brexit turmoil between unionists and separatists, was plunged into uncertainty by the resignation of Union Prime Minister Paul Given in February, who did not rejoice in the post-Brexit situation.

“During the real transformation of the UK after Brexit, Sinn Fனின்in’s victory exploited the weakness of trade unionism.

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