Signalmen strike in France – “26 flights canceled” in Geneva

In Geneva, “26 flight cancellations announced”

“Geneva Airport has been notified that 26 flights have been canceled for the day,” said Ignace Jeanneret, spokesman for Geneva Airport.

On the flights involved, 5 people on departure and 5 people on arrival on Air France, 4 people on departure and 4 people on arrival on EasyJet, 2 people on departure and 2 people on arrival on Iberia, 2 people on departure and 2 people on arrival on British Airways.

Many airports in France were closed

Flight delays on the Old Continent had already surpassed 500,000 cumulative minutes at 8:22 a.m., and were at 148,000 throughout the day on Friday, September 9.

“Significant delays”

“In such situations, airlines have warned their customers in advance through their usual channels.”

Geneva Airport Spokesperson Ignace Jeanneret

Second announcement at the end of September

Many social conflicts


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