‘She-Hulk’: Introducing KEVIN for Marvel Studios

In the end of episode 8Jennifer Walters realizes that there is something awful about her Marvel Studios show Strong woman. Since becoming a Hulk, she’s known that someone is behind the scenes messing with her and her show, and she’s blindly trusting that she’s taking care of her own good. But as damage control agents surround her with their drawn weapons, Jane looks on at us, the viewers. She knows something is wrong and she’s not okay with it anymore. Well, after the fiasco at the party, I realize that’s not the case anymore.

“She’s very self-aware and knows she’s on a show, and she knows there’s someone writing this and it’s chords right now,” lead writer Jessica Gao told Marvel.com. “Up until now, she always played along because she felt like, ‘Okay, well, that’s the story I was meant to live.'” “There was this unspoken assumption that whoever does so has more or less interest in mind or at least had no malicious intent. At the moment [at the end of Episode 8]It was a betrayal of knowing that they did not take her interests into account.”

Stripped of the She-Hulk (physically, a damper was set on her), quit her job, forced home, and unable to reach her cousin Bruce Banner, Jen has reached her lowest point. With nowhere else to go for anything else, Jen decided to head to Emil Blonsky’s retreat for a bit of self-discovery and reflection. Instead he finds clutter from wall to wall.

what is going on? Are you interested in this? please tell me This is not how the season ends. Realizing the kind of crazy that unravels, Jen does what she does best – break the fourth wall – and heads out to get to the bottom of what’s going on. She’s been directed to talk to someone about issues at Marvel Studios’ Strong womanAnd rallies there.

Jennifer Walters Learn about cognitive-enhanced visual bonding – better known as Kevin

“It’s funny because I’ve seen a lot of chatter online of people speculating about it [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige will make a cameo on the show,” continues Gao. “But I can’t imagine that is how they thought the cameo appearance would happen!”

If you are wondering who controls Marvel Studios, it is this AI machine that uses the world’s most advanced entertainment algorithm to produce the story’s events. For viewers who have been waiting for the traditional Marvel ending evident with a huge brawl and many explosions… that’s not all.

“I think I probably wrote, 20 versions of the epilogue went all over the place and I started to feel like, ‘Okay, this is a Marvel show, I’d better give them the classic Marvel ending,’” Zhao continues. “Big evil fight, great finale. But it never went well because I was trying to put a square peg in a round hole.”

It was the real-life Kevin, Kevin Feige, who helped Zhao realize that maybe Strong woman I didn’t need the big villain’s fight to end. After a talk, Feige really opened my mind to the idea that it was okay not to because I was trying to do what I thought was Marvel’s prediction of what the show should be. He said: Why? Nobody tells you to do it, you don’t have to do it, you can do something completely different, we have to do something completely different because this show is very different from anything that Marvel has done. Getting that permission from him was what really got me thinking, ‘Oh“You have changed everything.”

Zhao cites John Byrne’s SHE-HULK comics series as inspiration for this Intense He broke four walls, explaining, “It just felt so natural that she was not only on a show, but that she would have opinions about the show, especially since the makers of that show totally betrayed her. She felt right that she would go and complain to Marvel’s ultimate lord, which is Kevin.”

Once the idea was that Jen would go to Marvel Studios themselves and get to the KEVIN office, the creative team started toying with the idea of ​​having a human play KEVIN, joking that they would “cast her like George Clooney or Jon Hamm, a very handsome guy in a tuxedo. Kevin is basically a guy from The kind of James Bond wears a tuxedo.”

But turning Kevin into a robotic machine made a lot more sense (and was more funny) because of the absurdity of the ending — including giving him a beanie, too. However, not everyone was automatically on board with something on KEVIN’s head.

“I wrote in the script that when you see this big AI machine, it’s wearing a little black baseball cap, a classic black baseball cap in the style of Kevin Feige,” Zhao recalls. “When [visual development team] They were showing us different possible drawings of KEVIN, they were all wearing beanie hats. No matter what kind of robot or machine it was, he wore a little black baseball cap on top. [Human] Well, that doesn’t make sense, Kevin said, “Why is the robot wearing a hat?” I said, ‘Here’s the part that doesn’t make sense to you, Kevin, that’s the line of reasoning you won’t cross, we’ve represented you as an AI that controls all of the Marvel Cinematic Worlds, but the thing you can’t get over is that there might be a hat over the machine? He said: Yes.

Eventually, it was suggested that the hat could actually be integrated into the robot, rather than just sitting on top of the robot’s head. “That was our compromise where it now made sense for Kevin and I had what looked like Kevin’s little hat on this machine,” Gao says with a laugh.

Feige had some other suggestions for the episode as well, bringing up the idea that Jin should go and find Strong woman The writer’s room first before going to KEVIN Gao laughs at the idea of ​​this, noting that the fake writers in the fake room discuss Feige like the real employees (and fans) of Marvel Studios.

“It was so funny getting these writers to revere Kevin the way everyone at Marvel Studios venerates Kevin. That’s kind of how we talk about Kevin in the studio. I mean, it really took a lot of real life to put it in this section of the end.”

Another defining moment for the show falls with the Marvel Studios receptionist, played by the then-actual receptionist at Marvel Studios.

“Matt Wilkie, who plays the receptionist, is, or at the time, the receptionist at Marvel,” Zhao recalls. “My hope – and it has since been promoted which I will hold against it forever because it destroys my dream, which is that somebody would watch the show and then have a meeting at Marvel Studios and then go to that actual lobby, see Matt Wilkie and sign a nondisclosure agreement.”

with season Strong woman Now in the end, Gao couldn’t be happier with the way it was all done. And she wants to remind everyone that, all along, the show has been telling viewers that he’s going to different places in the MCU.

“That seems appropriate for this show,” she adds. “This isn’t the right ending for every show, but it’s the right ending for this show. We couldn’t be more clear about what this show is. From day one, we’ve been very open and honest about what kind of show it’s going to be, and what the expectations of the show are. And for some reason, People like not to believe it…even though we’ve been telling them for months that this is what the show is going to be.”

But, one last question: Would you say Kevin Or contact the artificial intelligence Kevin?

Zhao leaves it up to the viewers to decide. “I think it depends. I think it has to do with how you get to know him and how comfortable you are with him.”

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