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The Swiss suspects of the Savornay (VD) robbery faced their judges in Rennes on Monday. The two Genevans downplayed and denied their involvement in the February 2018 attack on cash couriers.

The two men were not accused of taking part in the attack or of abducting the daughter of a conveyor in Lyon. The hijacking was planned to stop the van in a parking lot at the entrance to Savornay, where three masked and armed men stole 25 million francs.

About fifteen suspects have been arrested in connection with the robbery, most of whom have yet to be tried in France. The two Genevans must answer for their actions in the North’s Criminal Court for qualified robbery.

Friends at the time admitted on Monday that the two thirty-year-olds had taken part in preliminary meetings with the would-be robbers. However, they were assured that they were no longer in the game when the attack was planned and carried out on Savornay.

“not new”

One of them said, “I read about the robbery in the newspaper. “I participated in some preparations, did some scouting. But I didn’t know about this final project and I thought everything was canceled,” said the former luxury car rental company.

The second defendant claimed that his share had expired “almost a year” prior to termination. If he admits to sending messages between band members, he doesn’t know what it is, according to his words. As for the meetings he participated in, he only did “the act of presence”.

However, the two Genevans traveled to Lyon a few days after the robbery to find one of the instigators of the attack. The first person went there to get 500,000 francs.

Second, on the other hand, it is not a question of money. “I did it for service,” he swore.

Confronted by the questions of the presiding judge and the prosecutor, the “inconsistencies” of their story and some puzzling “coincidences”, the two defendants did not let up. Despite many challenges, including among themselves, they maintained their version of facts.

Cheated by a colleague

The conveyor that was attacked in Savornay was also questioned on Monday. He testified to the difficulties of retreating, but especially to his daughter, who was abducted to force him to stop his van. “She had so many plans and overnight, you ruined her life,” he told the two defendants.

Accused of colluding with the attackers, he also named his teammate on the evening of the robbery. It is said that he had the intention of attacking his own company van and targeting his colleague and attacking his daughter.

“When I took him under my wing, I wrote to him in jail to find out why he did this to me. But he denies everything,” said the former conveyor, who has been out of work since the attack.

The first day of the trial also focused on other criminal activities of one of the two defendants, particularly the house-jacking case in Geneva. The trial continues on Tuesday and then on Wednesday with the prosecutor’s charge and defense arguments.

already condemned

The Chavornay attack was part of a series of spectacular raids on conveyors in Mont-sur-Lausanne, Daillens, La Sarraz and Nyon in the Vaud region between 2017 and 2019. The robberies have stopped since the Wat Council of State tightened the rules for transporting funds.

While most of the suspects are to be tried in France, the first trial of one of the attacks on Mont-sur-Lausanne was held in Lausanne last March. An Algerian who qualified as an assistant during the commando was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

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