Serbia: Train derailment causes ammonia leak


SerbiaAmmonia leak occurs due to train derailment

According to the mayor of the town of Pirot in southeastern Serbia, more than 50 people were intoxicated during the accident on Sunday evening. A state of emergency has been declared in one part of the city.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, a large amount of gas has been released into the atmosphere. Residents have been asked to stay at home.


Around 50 people were poisoned Sunday evening by ammonia leaking from a tank car after a train derailed in the southeastern Serbian region of Byrod, the town’s mayor told reporters.

There are 51 cases of poisoning. “Seven people were taken to the (hospital) in the nearby big city of Nis,” Byrod Vladan Vasic told a press conference. A state of emergency has been declared in “a part of Beirut”, a city of about 60,000 people, which specifically means closing schools.

Traffic was blocked on several roads

The train derailed early in the morning, which “leaked (ammonia) and caused a large amount of gas dispersion into the atmosphere,” the Home Ministry pointed out in a press release. The ministry has asked the people of the area not to come out of their houses. Traffic was blocked on several roads.

The train was made up of 20 tank cars carrying toxic materials from neighboring Bulgaria, state-owned rail freight company Srbija Kargo said. The company said the train derailed “outside the city” and there were no casualties or injuries at the scene. The same source also informed that a security perimeter wall has been set up for a distance of four kilometers as a precaution.


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