Serbia reintroduces visas for Burundians and Tunisians

Karin Keller-Sutter has criticized Belgrade’s policy (archives). Keystone/Giann Ehrenseller sda-ats

This content was published on October 22, 2022 – 13:39


Serbia will again require a visa for citizens of Burundi and Tunisia. For the FDJP, the decision “constitutes a victory for Switzerland and other countries (in the Schengen area) in the fight against irregular immigration via the Balkan route.

Belgrade is “changing its policy”, hailed the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) on Twitter on Saturday. It requires visas for citizens of Burundi “as of today” and those in Tunisia as of November 20.

EU interior ministers last week discussed the large number of refugees and migrants arriving in the EU via the Balkan route. Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter was pleased that Belgrade wanted to partially align its visa policy with the Schengen area.

According to him, several states, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium, have called on the European Commission to intervene and take action.

While it is true that most refugees entering the Schengen area via the Balkan route come from Syria and Afghanistan, the number of migrants from Turkey, Tunisia, India, Burundi and Cuba has risen sharply since the beginning of the year.

Citizens of these countries can visit Serbia without a visa. Many of them continue to travel to the EU with the help of smugglers.

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