See the exciting life of ONE Contract holder Karen “Saw Lin Oo” from Myanmar, Issue #18.

One fighter to watch for “Man of Steel” Zaw Lin Oo is the 32-year-old Karen Iron Man from Myanmar, after he recently showed his brutality by eliminating the “Ayothaya Twins PK.” Saenchai, a 33-year-old fighter from Ayutthaya, went to bed in the second round until he entered the ring and won a one-man contract, and he is the 18th person on the show.Battle of Lumbini 69 One On the night of Friday, July 5th.

In this fight, Saw Lin Oo was still able to maintain his excellent fighting standards. Relying on strength to continuously pressure Phongsiri before he had the chance to unleash a right uppercut that hit the chin. Sending the locals' fists into the ring. Extending the record of winning 3 fights in a row and winning a reward of 350,000 baht for the second time. Amidst the loud cheers of his fellow citizens who came to watch in the stadium.

With an aggressive fighting style that is not afraid of anyone when standing on the canvas, Big Boss “Chatri Sityodtong” offers one athlete a contract worth US$100,000 (about 3.6 million baht) for his worthy performance “Saw Lin Oo”. He is the 18th item on the show immediately.

“Zaw Lin Oo” is very famous in Myanmar.

Saw Lin Oo was born on December 4, 1991 in Mon State, the southern part of Myanmar. As the youngest of 6 siblings, life was very tough as a child. To the point of having to add steamed rice to water to make rice porridge in order to save money. He first started boxing at the age of 12, following in the footsteps of his father who was a former boxer in Letwe. He was paid 1,000 kyat (about 11 baht in today's currency) for his first fight.

Saw Lin Oo has fought over 100 fights in his hometown and has successfully won the 60kg Golden Belt Championship, a prestigious award in the Letoi boxing industry. He has made a name for himself across the country including testing his skills with many famous Thai boxers who have crossed the line to fight under the late Wei rules, such as Singmanee Kaewsamrit, “PK Shinchai's Avatar”“Phongsiri B.K. Senchai” and “Pakorn BK Senchai”

Zaw Lin Oo draws with Phongsiri in Letwei Rules (Jan 19, 20)

It was not until 2013 that he first started fighting in Muay Thai. As a representative of the Myanmar national team at the 27th SEA Games hosted by Myanmar, he won the bronze medal. Before this year, he got a golden opportunity to fulfill his dream of fighting in ONE Lumpini, a program he had been following and wanted to prove his skills for a long time, and “Rotang” was his favorite boxer.

Zaw Lin defeated Oo Panupong to win the bronze medal at the 2013 SEA Games.

In his first fight, Saw Lin Oo made a successful appearance. He bombarded Masayoshi Tsuhashi of Japan with heavy weapons until he was defeated by TKO in the last round inBattle of Wan Lumpini 52 Ready to win a bonus of 350,000 baht immediately, while in the next fight being able to defeat a strong boxer like “Fabio Reis” impressively. By knocking out two rounds.One Battle of Lumbini 57 As a result, he quickly gained Thai and Burmese fans.

Lin Ou saw Vongsiri

Until the last fight on Friday, July 5th, Saw Lin Oo strengthened his strength once again. By defeating a very skilled fighter like Pongsiri in the second round and receiving surprising good news. It is a promotion ticket to continue fighting in world-class martial arts organizations.

“Saw Lin Oo” wins three battles in a row to win one contract.

Amidst the loud cheers of his compatriots inside the stadium, “Saw Lin Oo” still shows the same determination in his eyes. He is willing to pursue this big dream to the end. His main goal is to become a good boxer and perform in a fun and entertaining way for boxing fans. He is truly another star from neighboring countries who deserves attention.

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