Sarah feeds her snake and shocks the internet


Reality TV starlet filmed her reptile eating a live mouse. His act has slandered many internet users.

Controversial video.

While he is often the target of criticism for his escape, Sarah Frieso has once again drawn the wrath of the web. The reason? Reality Starlet treated itself to a snake named Jasmine and gave her pet a live mouse so it could feed on it. On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, he released a video on Snapchat where we see his reptile swallowing its prey green. The influence of losing many pounds, knowing in advance that she would be criticized for her action, justified itself: “I see you coming:” Poor thing, this is so violent as figurines! “Be quiet! This is a snake, it must be fed. Like no one is watching. Just want to warn you before you start sending your messages. I do not care! I need to feed my jasmine. “

However, his justifications did not convince anyone. After seeing her pictures considered violent and inappropriate, many shocked internet users expressed their anger at the 29-year-old French woman, who will soon be taking part in a new reality show. Some even want to remove his posts from social websites. “Report all Sarah Frieso photos!” Do it several times and we see his snake eating the living mouse. This chick should be in psychiatry, not on the network! “One of them rebelled.” It is a slander that it was once removed from the networks. It is not normal to stuff a snake and make it eat rats, ”said another. “You’re really sick as a woman, a living monster. How can you film this? Of course, there are shows on TV like ‘Hunting and Fishing’. It’s natural, but not in her living room,” we read.


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