Sansiri Digital Bonds on “Paotang” App Interest Rate 4.25%: PPTVHD36

Sansiri Digital Bonds can be accessed equally on the Pao Tang app, the interest rate is 4.25%, and subscriptions are expected to open from November 28 to 30.

Mr. Wishan Wieryaphosit, Chief Financial Officer SANSERI GENERAL CO., LTD Action Commander – Commander of the mission Thai real estate She revealed that the company has joined forces with Krung Thai Bank to put it up for saleThe bondDigital Sancerre passedBaotang application Loan term is 2 years, fixed interest rate of 4.25% per annum, earn interest every 3 months, minimum investment is only 1000 baht to give investors the opportunity to make returns along with the growth of real estate business leaders in Thailand.

Pink Line is ready to open for public testing at the end of November 2023.

The investor confidence index falls to its lowest levels in 2023 due to the effects of the war. “Copsak” is confident that the Thai economy remains strong.

bySansiri Digital Bonds It is a type of bond that bears the name of its holder. Unaffiliated and unsecured type with noteholder representatives received a credit rating of BBB+ with a ‘stable’ outlook from TRIS Rating Company Limited on October 31, 2023, reflecting the availability of a wide range of products. Strong market position and ability to generate good profits and will be offered for sale starting at 8:30 AM on 28 November 2023, having previously been offered for sale.Sansiri Digital BondsBeen here 3 times

Mr. Ruen Ponianusas, Executive Director of Money Market Business at Capital Market Krung Thai Bank reveals the existence of Sansiri digital bonds Baotang application Trading portfolio can be registeredThe bondOn the “Pao Tang” application from today onwards, it is expected that subscriptions will open at the same time from 8:30 in the morning on November 28, 2023, so that there is someone to subscribe for the full number of bonds offered for sale. The minimum subscription is just 1,000 baht, in multiples of 1,000 baht each time, and a maximum of 50 million baht per transaction.

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