SanDisk Desk Drive 8TB External SSD Review! Compression speed: 1 GB/s

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SanDisk office drive

External SSD capacity up to 8 TB. Price: 29,900 baht
  1. The highest capacity external SSD on the market
  2. Continuous reading speed is 1000MB/s.

Well-known teacher

  1. The power cord must be plugged in at all times when working.
  2. very expensive

We now live in an era where external SSD drives are used as work drives that can be plugged in and used. Or carrying it is normal. Because the price has come down a lot in the past, plus SSDs can read and write data much faster than HDDs. But one limitation of an external SSD is the lack of many high-capacity drive options, which the SanDisk Desk Drive comes in to answer at this point.

SanDisk desktop drive design

This SSD is a bit different from the generic external SSD, at 99.2 x 99.2 x 40.2mm and weighing 268g, it's a rounded rectangular block, a bit thick, but smaller than a desktop external HDD. It is a beautiful and simple design. There is only a red strap and the SanDisk logo personally, which I think is pretty obvious. Because there is no light or any signal on the body to inform the user that it is connected to electricity and that the power is on and ready to work.

When using the SanDisk Desk Drive, connect these two cables at all times.
When using the SanDisk Desk Drive, these two cables must be connected at all times.

On the back is a Kensington lock for anyone who wants to install the lock on the desk. Don't let it be stolen. There are also two additional channels for connectivity: a round power plug that receives power from an 18W adapter and a USB-C cable for data delivery.

To be clear, this desktop drive cannot work at all without plugging in the power cable, unlike general external SSDs that just plug in the USB cable and it can work. Therefore, it is more convenient to keep it on your desk rather than taking it with you. Carry it everywhere. Because in addition to having to carry a larger SSD than other models, you also have to bring a power adapter. And you can't use other adapters like USB-C plugs to power it. Only the included round head adapter should be used. (Unless you have a cable that goes from USB-C to the correct round plug and can supply 12V 1.5A)

SanDisk DeskDrive Adapter Specifications
SanDisk DeskDrive Adapter Specifications

In addition to the drive and power adapter, the box also includes a USB-C cable about one meter long and a USB-A adapter head, ready for use.

SanDisk desktop drive performance

Sandisk claims the performance of the Desk Drive on the front of the box, saying it can read up to 1,000MB/s over a USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 connection. We tested it on a Windows PC with CrystalDiskMark 8 and got sustained read-write speeds of around 1061MB/s for random read and write. Performance will drop to 100MB/s or less. Naturally, the performance of random read and write is much lower than that of continuous read and write.

Sandisk Desk Drive performance on Windows
Sandisk Desk Drive performance on Windows

As for testing its use with the macOS operating system through the Blackmagic Design Disk Speed ​​Test program, it achieved read and write speeds of about 800 MB/s, which is sufficient speed to work with video files with a resolution not exceeding 4K. The Disk Deck was formatted in exFAT format from the beginning. , making it immediately usable with Windows and macOS without needing to reformat.

SanDisk Desk Drive performance on Mac
SanDisk Desk Drive performance on Mac

We also tested performance with a 13-inch iPad Pro M4 by connecting it via the device's USB-C port and got read and write speeds. It's no different than using it on a Mac, which has a speed of about 800MB/s and has random read and write values ​​of less than 100MB/s.

SanDisk Desk Drive performance on iPad Pro M4
SanDisk Desk Drive performance on iPad Pro M4

As for actual use, the editing team at BT gave us the opportunity to upload 4K 60fps footage to the Desk Drive and edit it directly from the drive via Final Cut Pro, and it was a great working experience. Work flows smoothly. There is no interruption while editing the video. When used for a period of time, the temperature of the drive will rise. But it's not so hot that I'm worried. I didn't experience any symptoms of heavy use until it became heavy and the drive would cut off on its own.

For those who want to use this drive to back up data on the device, Sandisk has it too.Acronis® True Image™ for Western Digital is free to download. It can be used at beginner level.

Price and value

We also review this The SanDisk Desk Drive for sale in Thailand is imported in only one model, the top-end 8TB model, priced at 29,900 baht. It is a highly valuable item. But if you search for it in the market, it's hard to find any 1000MB/s 8TB external SSD for sale in Thailand. The most common storage capacity is only 4TB.

If you are asking is this price right? It's not cheap. But it's reasonably priced for this capacity and comes with a 3-year warranty. If you really want high capacity, get it. But if you just want 4TB, there are still other options, both from SanDisk itself and other brands that have external SSDs in the tens of thousands, plus you don't have to plug in the power cable all the time. Time to choose from.

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