Salmonellosis – Kinder chocolate factory shut down by Belgian authorities


The Belgian Food Safety Authority has ordered the closure of the Ferro base in Arlon and will only allow it to reopen under strict conditions. The Italian confectioner presents his “real apologies”.

Late March between Belgian Food Safety Agency, Poison and Ferrero Factory in Arlon (photo)

The Belgian Food Safety Agency said at the end of March that the “link” between the poison and the Ferrero factory (photo) in Arlon had been “confirmed”.


The Belgian Food Safety Authority (FASFC) announced on Friday that it had ordered the factory to stop production of the Kinder Chocolate factory, a source of salmonella pollution, lamenting the “incomplete information” provided by the giant Italian candy ferro. The latter, in process, recognized “internal failures”. The team “deeply regrets this matter” and offers a “genuine apology to all consumers and business partners.”

“Over the course of several weeks, more than a hundred cases of salmonellosis have been identified in Europe,” the FASFC noted, adding that by the end of March, a “link” had been established between the drug and the Ferrero factory in Arlon (Belgium). Then confirmed. “

Remember all products

“Following inquiries and findings in recent hours that the information provided by Ferrero is incomplete, the company today withdraws its approval from the Ferrero manufacturing plant in Arlon”, FASFC reports, ordering the recall of all products in the Kinder range. , From the site. “This comprehensive product recall is applicable to all products of the Kinder Surprise, Kinder Surprise Maxi, Kinder Mini Eggs, and Scoco-Pons genres, regardless of volume or expiration date.”

The Health Commission insists that it “requests distribution companies to remove all of these items from the shelves” and that it “will follow Ferrero’s steps closely and authorize reopening of the site only after the company decides that all food is catered for.” Safety rules and requirements. The investigation into Ferro continues, urging consumers not to consume any products in question.

The decision to withdraw the accreditation for the Arlon plant was taken “to clarify the situation,” Belgian Agriculture Minister David Clarinwal commented. “Such a decision will never be taken lightly, but it is needed in the current situation,” he added, citing the imperative of food security.


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