Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (F): A violent fire destroys a sub-province


A terrible fire broke out Thursday morning in a sub-province in the border town. No casualties were reported. Border traffic will be disrupted in the evening.


David Ramsayer / Leonard Poissonas / Maria Pinero

“This is the Republican building, which moved Alain Espinas, the president of the Hot-Savoy (F). Haute-Savoie / F) The province caught fire Thursday morning, with one firefighter slightly injured and an accidental track for the specified time.

Large resources have been confirmed

The warning was issued at 8:49 p.m. S முதலில்bastien Paletti, director of the Haute-Savoie Fire Protection and Rescue Service (SDIS), said: In addition to the troops, 10 Geneva firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Service are on high alert and the area is under siege.

Insured public services

At the site, “20 minutes “at 11:20 a.m., the fire was almost under control and no flames were found. The roof of the building was badly damaged. The catastrophe would have taken place first before the top floors and roofs were acquired. “One of our objectives is to protect the province’s archives and computer equipment,” Sebastien Ballet underlined. Officials say the continuation of public services provided to the people will be ensured.

“I grew up in Saint-Julien-en-Genivois, and it touched me deeply,” said one witness to the fire.

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Geneva Fire Rescue

Firefighters are still “required by STIS 74 to stay in the area for long hours. We must protect the building from collapsing.”

Disaster and rescue operations apparently closed several traffic lanes. These arrangements will last until the evening and will disrupt border traffic when returning from work. Saint-Julien-en-Genevois City Hall indicates that Avenue de Geneve will remain closed until 7 p.m. The only possible diversion is via Avenue de Mosingon. Cyclades alley is closed to traffic. Authorities are encouraging cross-border travelers to use the Mosingen Customs instead of going through the Berley Customs.

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