Sagittarius for the month of March 2022

March horoscope for Sagittarius

This is going to be an extraordinary month, full of cool and glowing sides. It’s as if the universe has taken its best jewel-like sides and scattered them across the deep blue velvet evening sky in March. Looking at your solar chart, with all the planets circulating below the horizon for almost the entire month, you will have time to focus on your personal life.

Remarkably, not a single planet goes backwards, which is unusual. They all move directly, which means that each planet is powerful and useful to you. Given that the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all retrograde between four and five months at a time, it means something! Even Mercury, which retrogrades every three months, is direct. The era of Venus retrograde is over, and Mars won’t retrograde until late October to mid-January 2023. All of this means you have an extraordinary opportunity to make solid progress, no matter what you want to accomplish on your March list.

Specifically, you can now focus a lot on your lifestyle, so if you have to relocate or want to buy a property, this is the month when you should be serious about looking for different properties, you will likely come to the perfect place. When you have dazzling sides like yours, you should never settle for anything less than your dream state. You are able to find a large area that is completely sunny, close to a body of water, has a view from the highest point – and has huge tanks too. This month would also be perfect to rent, buy or sell real estate, start renovating, create a swimming pool, or do some very magical and artistic landscaping.

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