Ruth Trifus worries about Swiss opposition to raising patents on Govt vaccines –

The suspension of patents on vaccines against Govt-19 is being discussed at a World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial meeting in Geneva this week. Although Switzerland is one of the most reluctant countries for the move, former federal councilor Ruth Dreyfus said on Monday she was concerned about the federation’s position.

At the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva this week, a play on access to vaccines for poor countries is played during its ministerial meeting. Switzerland and its pharmaceutical industry play a major role in this because they are very reluctant to raise patents on these products.

The material separates. The pharmaceutical industry sees this as undermining intellectual property, while text is not enough for NGOs.

Called at 7:30 pm on Monday, Ruth Dreyfus, a former president of the Coalition for the Advancement of Patents on Medicinal Products Against Covit-19, said: Based on access to vaccines, drugs and tests “.

The former federal councilor recalled that negotiations had been going on for two years, after a request was made by India and South Africa in October 2020.

>> See details of the 7:30 pm discussion on WTO debates on the removal of patents for Govt vaccines:

Access to Vaccines is played at the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Geneva at 7:30 / 2 p.m. / 7:30 am today

The industry is “not in danger”

“A patent waiver would be a very negative signal to companies,” Swiss Ambassador Markus Schlagenhof said at 7:30 pm on Monday. “Through intellectual property, companies have been able to raise funds for vaccine development. Without that intellectual property protection, it would not be possible to develop vaccines in such a short period of time,” he argued.

Ruth Dreyfus, for her part, rejects the notion that removing patents on anti-Govt medical products threatens pharmaceutical companies. “The pharmaceutical industry is not in danger. Its long-term benefits do not conflict with the temporary and limited recognition of the fight against the epidemic,” he argued.

“On the question of epidemic, the means available from public funds are enormous,” says Ruth Dreyfus. “Today, the pharmaceutical industry is monopolizing the benefits of these efforts to rapidly develop vaccines against Govt-19,” Ruth Dreyfus lamented.

Strong opposition from Switzerland

So far no agreement has been reached. A small group of 6 countries, including Switzerland, is scheduled to hold discussions on Monday evening.

According to the RTS, in the name of intellectual property protection, the federation’s delegation is blocking most of the talks.

“I’m not optimistic about the current negotiations, even though I’m looking forward to the last – minute turnaround,” Ruth Dreyfus admitted. “I am concerned that Switzerland, which usually takes a neutral stance, is actually led by those who oppose the distribution of more equitable war routes against the Govt,” he reiterated.

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