Russia’s withdrawal from Kyiv was “temporary”

  • Earlier this month, the Russian army withdrew from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.
  • A Russian philosopher known for his influence in the Kremlin said the withdrawal was only “temporary”.
  • “We cannot lose this war,” he said. “Otherwise the whole world will turn into a great fire.”

A radical philosopher dubbed “Putin’s Mind” for his influence on the Russian leader said the country’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv was a “temporary situation”.

Alexander Dugin, a neo-Euro-Asian theorist known for his influence in the Kremlin, made the remarks in an interview with Turkish media. The comments were later covered by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, which has largely promoted anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, Yahoo news mentioned.

Earlier this month, Russian forces Withdraw From around Kyiv after their attempt to seize the Ukrainian capital. And the Russian army moved from the region to Focus on the eastern Donbass region In Ukraine, Pentagon and NATO officials said.

In the interview, Dugin referred to the Russian withdrawal as a “purely tactical move” that would allow the Russian military to regroup and carry out “revisions” under Newly appointed General Alexander DvornikovA key figure in the 2015 Russian campaign in Syria.

“The Russian military is currently fighting the sovereign powers that impose a unipolar world,” Dugin said, referring to countries allied to Ukraine, including the United States. “We cannot lose this war, otherwise the whole world will turn into a great fire.”

Daniel Triesman, a professor of political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, and an expert on Russian politics, said it was “certainly possible” that Russian President Vladimir Putin would direct Russian forces to try again to take control of Kyiv.

“It is certainly possible — and indeed very likely — that Putin would like to take another stab at capturing Kyiv if he believes at some point in the future that his military has a better chance of succeeding,” Triesman told Insider. “But I will not give much credence to the comments he made to a Turkish nationalist ‘philosopher’ newspaper, then picked up by Russian state journalists.”

“If Dugin is the best source that RIA Novosti can find to comment on Russian military plans, then the situation should be very ambiguous,” he added.

Despite the repositioning of Russian forces in the east, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned What Putin is still striving for Capture all of Ukraine. Dugin reinforced this idea in the interview, saying that Russia’s brutal campaign in eastern Ukraine alone was “not a victory” for the country.

“Our soldiers will not return home until targets across the country are destroyed and security is established, or until Zelensky surrenders,” Dugin said, according to Yahoo News.

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