Rocky appoints Jordan Sheffield for appointment

The Rockies announced that they have appointed the mitigator Jordan Sheffield for commissioning. This move frees up a place in the 40-player list for the defensive player Winton Bernardwhose Previously mentioned The contract has been officially selected. Putting Colorado Midfielder Jonathan Dazas (separation of the left shoulder) and a holder Elias Diaz (left wrist sprain) in the list of injured for 10 days, recalling Dom Nunez To take a spot for Diaz behind the plate.

Sheffield, a former first-round supplement pick for the Dodgers, landed in Colorado during the 2020-21 season via the base 5 draft. He has spent the whole of last season in the majors, as required so that the team retains the rights to base 5 picks. Sheffield has served as a leveraged arm Low for Commander Bud Black, coming in at a 3.38 ERA via 29 1/3 rounds. Strike and walk rates (17.2% and 11.2%, respectively) were not in line with preventing good running. However, Sheffield averaged 96.4 mph with raw spin at the highest level on the four-stud fastball, making it a fun long-term relief option for the Rox.

Things fell apart during Vanderbilt’s second year in the organization. He’s only appeared twice in the league, with the fastball running as low as 93.7 mph. He’s blown away in over 21 appearances with the Triple-A Albuquerque, scoring an 11.21 ERA with a strike rate of just 16.3% and a whopping 19.6% walk percentage. He also gave in to eight home runs in only 17 2/3 innings.

The Rockies will be putting Sheffield on concessions over the next few days. He had never been before, meaning the organization could keep him without needing a place on a 40-man list if he wasn’t claimed. That seems likely, given how much he has struggled in Triple-A this season.

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