“Robot Trading” accounts for 40% of the market size, and obtains BJC worth 159 million baht

Reporters reported that today (February 28, 2024) Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Reveal daily trading information through Program trade or “Automated trading software” There is a purchase value of 22,605.78 million baht and a sale value of 23,328.78 million baht, equivalent to a net sale of 723.00 million baht.

While the daily trading value through trading without a program or “non-program trading” amounts to a purchase value of 34,894.70 million baht and a sales value of 34,171.70 million baht, equivalent to a net purchase of 723.00 million baht.

When combining the daily trading value through programmatic trading and non-programmatic trading, the total net buying value is 57,500.49 million baht and the total net selling value is 57,500.49 million baht, while the day's trading value on the stock exchange is 55,250.06 million baht.

However, when trading orders through day trading software are compared with the trading value of the entire stock exchange. Today it is 55,250.06 million baht, as it will be seen that the trading volume is equivalent to about 39.94% of the trading value of the entire Thai stock market today.

In addition, SET also provides information on the 17 most frequently traded securities using the trading software, ranked by percentage (%) of the software's trading value compared to its automatic matching trading value, including BJC, EA, DELTA, HANA, BAM, BTG, TKN. ,Thcom,Ony,Kmart,Clinic,CCET,BWG,NAT,Paris Saint-Germain,Brook,Aja,

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