Robbie Anderson does not want Baker Mayfield to join the Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers continue to talk about potential midfield destinations Baker Mayfield. leopards reception Robbie Anderson Not a fan of this possibility.

via USA TODAY, an Instagram fan account posted an item with a report from NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport stating that the Panthers are the most likely destination for Mayfield. Anderson answered in one word:no. “

Here’s the truth. Players talk to other players. And one Browns player has yet to speak on behalf of Mayfield, through every turn and spin of the flop season. Recently, for example, Mayfield said he believes that Brown did not respect him. To our knowledge, no current or former Browns player has agreed with Mayfield publicly.

There must be a reason for Anderson’s hostility to Mayfield. maybe talk to Odell Beckham Jr. or someone else who played with Mayfield. someone like Jarvis Landrywho was filmed talking with Anderson.

If there is anything to that, the question then will be whether other players with other teams will feel the same way. It’s a fair question, whatever the answer. And it could become a very real hindrance to Mayfield’s ability to continue his career anywhere.

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