Revive the 14th day mobilization against pension reform

In Paris, “Finally, there are a few”

As with the entire event, Daniel Bertone, general secretary of the CGT at the Aéroports de Paris (ADP), waited for more than an hour at the Quai Branly near the Invalides before the procession left. “It is to believe that there are more people”, ridicules the trade unionist. He said to himself, though he had a smile on his face “A little disappointed with the small mobilization. Especially after the success of the May 1 demonstration.. He understands the weariness of those who are absent during the day: “Strikes are expensive” So people “Strike by Representatives”.

A few steps away, behind the CGT balloon, Laurent Dahyot, general secretary of CGT Air France, was unhappy with the scale of the mobilization. “We were a little scared. But finally there are a few. People didn’t give up.”, the airline’s union leader was satisfied. On the other hand, this time again, pilots, flight attendants and stewardesses were conspicuous by their absence. “They were able to negotiate on their part to maintain their pension plan.”, Mr. Tahyot scoffs. According to the latter, Air France now has flight attendants, pilots and stewardesses, plus ground crew”.

In future, Mr. Bertone imagines the rise of power “Other Requests”. According to him, there will be “A complete reflection around the concept of work. Especially with the advent of digital and data” In the professional field. This is “A Growing Topic” And who will demand “A Social Conversation” Quality.

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