Review of the Indian airline Vistara, direct flight from Bangkok – New Delhi. Is the service good and how much is the delay?

Full service options too There is food from the main menu, bread, water, and you can order other drinks. You can add more.

Indian food airline vistara

Comfort inside the plane

  • We usually book seats at the front or middle of the boat because we are big people and want wider seats than usual. But in Vistara, the seats in the middle of the plane were expensive, so I decided to sit in the standard seats. The Vistara’s seats were better than expected, with its standard seats being very wide, comfortable and with plenty of legroom. But when we went, people were very busy so I didn’t take any pictures, I will include pictures from the location, but let me tell you the cover is not fake.

Economy class seats on Vistara Airlines

  • The air conditioner is freezing cold. Even if you wear long sleeves and a jacket, you will feel cold, but don’t worry, there are pillows and blankets available on board.
  • There is USB for charging phones and iPads.
  • The air hostess and flight attendant are attentive and take good care of you.

Introduction to Indian Airlines

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Fly directly to India What airlines are there?Is he late?

Departure from Bangkok left on time. But when we arrived in New Delhi, we weren’t sure where the problem was. Weather conditions or on the runway because he was unable to land the plane for a while. It took about one minute before the plane was ready to land before it could flow along the runway to a complete stop. In the end, it was delayed by 30 minutes, but in terms of delay, I personally think that sometimes it was a force majeure event. Sometimes humans may not be able to control all the factors to be as we hope. Especially if the cause is natural. So we’re not really serious about the delay. Just don’t cancel the trip.

The overall impression

Summary of overall impression The first thing I liked the most is that it is a full service that includes everything in the ticket price. No need to buy anything extra. Even economy class allows up to 30 kilograms of baggage allowance. For month-long backpackers like us, we can’t avoid the problem of not loading our bags. Therefore, not having to buy extra baggage is something we really like. The next part is the seat. It is very comfortable to sit in, even though it is a regular seat.The last part is the taste of the food. We chose the chicken menu, which was curry chicken with rice, very tasty and satisfying. Drinks are very filling: Tea, coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks and alcohol are very filling. Tell the truth about ticket prices. It is a little cheaper than Thai Airways. But if you ask carefully according to their promotions (recommended on Traveloka), the price will be very good, in some periods it is reduced to 5500 baht per trip, this price is considered low. If it is less than this, is there a yes that is more than 4000 baht, but for each device. If you do not want to get tired, it is better to choose a direct flight.

Recommended airlines for India

In conclusion, it is a full service airline and we had very high expectations from it and it was much better than expected. So, if you asked if I would go again next time, I would say I would. Finally, anyone who likes this article can share it to the fullest. Or follow other stories, add us on Twitter at Artenemy Or Facebook page Carry your camera and travel. you can do that.

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