Reveal the complement! Philippine ladyboy gang “May Take” controls Soi Sukhumvit 11 : PPTVHD36

Expand! A gang of Filipina women who sell prostitution in Thailand, the “May Take” who control Soi Sukhumvit 11, act as domestic maids – escort them into the country. They meet, run around old and new faces.

A crowd of LGBTQ+ Thai women waited to bump into Filipino ladyboys in front of a hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11 from the March 4 event. Until it was an event called “Ladyboy Warriors Day”.

Today's latest news has brought to light the cycle of prostitution in Sukhumvit 11 area, a Thai lady with the nickname “A” although no one is saying that there is no prostitution, but in fact, they are, not only Thailand and the Philippines, but now there are a lot of them, that is, the Philippines group.

Hear from the mouth of the woman who started the story! What happened before it became Veterans Day?

Sukhumvit 11 slapped loudly, police report charges against Thai teenager for physically assaulting Filipina woman

Can't stand it! FILIPINO LADYBOY Pack your bags and head back to your country.

This Thai lady also revealed that it was not a genuine transaction to sell services. But it is done as a process, people import and provide shelters. It was not by accident that a Filipina woman came to Thailand to sell services. But a movement called “May Take” which looks like “May Lao” brings them here.

But “may take” refers to the person who hires you and you agree how much you will pay him. If the money is paid in full, she is free, while “May Lao” refers to the person who provides the services and takes care of the sale.

In the case of a Filipino transgender group, this Thai transsexual said she has a “may tag” that takes care of her. The agreement was that a Filipino transvestite was entitled to enter the country for 20 days. They will agree to lose 100 tags, which means they will have to accept 100 customers and all proceeds will be sent to May Tak. If this group wants to earn income by selling services, they need to accept more than 100 customers within 20 days.

He also revealed that “May Tag” is a Filipino transvestite. Located on Soi Sukhumvit 11, she is Filipino, has blonde hair, likes to wear hats and carries a Louis Vuitton bag. Lives in Soi Sukhumvit 4 area. As for the behavior of this Thai tag, she is responsible for bringing Filipino transvestites to Thailand. Providing a place to stay and setting up a place to sell standing services.

She said the foreign ladyboys who come to work in the Nana area are besides Filipino transgenders, there are also Vietnamese and Russian transgenders, but the sales patterns are different. For example, Vietnamese people stand and sell, as do Thais and Filipinos. But the number of people who come to work in Thailand is not as much as the Philippine ladyboys. As for Russian transvestites who come out and don't call clients on the street. Most of them sell their services in bars or entertainment venues.

“A” also said that he did not believe that the Thai police knew about foreign prostitution. Because in the past there were daily patrols on motorcycles to inspect the alley. But I have never seen a Filipina woman arrested by the police. Philippine ladyboys sell their services openly. They only arrest Thai women and fine them 1,000 baht each for forcing them to buy their services.

As before, “A” said he called the tourism police to inform them that Filipino ladyboys were selling their services. But I didn't see anyone coming to arrest me. So I don't know if it is outside or inside. At the same time, she asked a question: Or has the money already been paid? Otherwise, there would be no Filipino ladyboys. Come sell services to up to 30 people.

When the driver picks up and drops off at the entrance of Soi Sukhumvit 11/1, the information is that there are Filipino ladyboys standing in the area selling prostitution every day. He said he saw these Filipino ladyboys standing in front of the group's shops selling their services. At the entrance of Soi Sukhumvit 11/1 to the front of the Brahma shrine, there were about 10 people in total, and some were seen going out to sell services in front of the alley entrance. But I don't know where to settle.

He also said that since the COVID-19 situation has subsided, Filipino transvestites are gradually coming back to work. Both old and new faces come to work. Already have 3-4 sets. Personally, I believe they come to sell services and then go back and convince each other. Form a large number and from what has been observed groups of Filipino ladyboys tend to be as loud as normal ladies. Go to a place where you can scream and shout.

Inside Sukhumvit Soi 4, many Filipina ladyboys were reported selling services in their own alleys while being motorbike drivers for hire. Most of them stand in groups of more than 10 in front of hotels selling services. Usually early in the morning they come out to buy food. It seems we haven't seen any movement of these Filipina transvestites since this morning before accepting the job in the evening.

Motorcycle drivers say that there are many Filipino ladyboys who come to work in Sukhumvit area. Most of the customers coming to buy the services are mainly Europeans.

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