Results of weighing and measuring body water content, ONE Lumbini 59 battle “Yamin vs Joachim”

After Songkran, come back for more fun with the popular martial arts competition program. This week, ONE Lumbini 59 will be telecast live at the Lumbini Arena (Ramindra) on Friday, April 19, bringing 24 talented fighters into the ring to compete for crucial victory points. To give me the opportunity to raise the bar to continue making my name on a world stage.

Yamin vs Joachim

The main event of the show is “Yameen PK.Saenchai”, a powerful left-handed boxer, 28 years old from Chonburi, who shook off his injury and returned to full fitness in 7 months, challenges tough boxer “Joachim Uraghi”. Both French-Algerian nationals will be hoping to continue collecting victory points. They will fight under the Muay Thai, Flyweight (125 – 135 lbs.) rules.

Sivakarn vs Sakriyar

In the international main event, “Siwakorn PK. Saenchai”, a 24-year-old boxer with fun fighting skills from Sadun, starts the battle for victory hunting in the second fight, fighting with the hard-core “Shakrior Varayev”. 23-year-old powerful fist from Uzbekistan most recently, he returned to good form, knocked out “Num Pong Nga Eagle Muay Thai” in ONE Lumbini 57 fight, ready to fight according to Muay Thai rules, the specific weight limit (catch weight) is 140 pounds.

For athletes fighting in a Lumbini, all must pass a hydration test, weigh-in and undergo a fitness test. By prioritizing the health and safety of athletes according to certain standard criteria. Weight compensation will be negotiated if the water level is not measured. So the competition can continue

Before the battle of ONE Lumpini 59 erupts with excitement on Friday, April 19, 2024 at 7:30 PM, we have all the athletes' results to share with you.


Main competition: Muay Thai
Flyweight (125 – 135 lbs.)

  • Yamin PK Sansai weighed in at 134.6 lbs.
  • Joachim Uragi weighed 134.2 pounds.

Secondary competition: Muay Thai
Hold weight is 130 lbs.

  • Yodthongthai S. Sommai weighs 129 pounds.
  • Phet Nam Ngam PK Saenchai weighs 129.6 lbs.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 128 lbs.

  • Rampong S. Therabat weighs 127.4 lbs.
  • Phet Phupha Ek Pu Jeans weighs 127.8 pounds.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 121 lbs.

  • The white pearl D. Rangmat weighs 120.8 lbs.
  • Phetphruat Sitnayok Thaweeptaphong weighs 120.2 lbs.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 118 lbs.

  • Phet Tor Suea, opal color, weight 116.8 pounds.
  • Brahm Y. Andaman weighs 117.2 lbs.

Thai Boxing
Strawweight Division (115 – 125 lbs.)

  • Lephong Kaewsamrit weighs 125 pounds.
  • Yodkitty Fiat also weighs 124.4 lbs.

Thai Boxing
Hold weight is 140 lbs.

  • Sivagorn PK Sansai weighed in at 139 lbs.
  • Shakryor Varayev weighed 140 pounds.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 126 lbs.

  • Copter S. Sommai weighs 125.6 pounds.
  • Takuma Oda weighs 125.4 pounds.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 132 lbs.

  • Phet Si Mok PK Saenchai weighed 131.4 lbs.
  • Yuki Kasahara weighed 131.8 lbs.

Thai Boxing
Grip weight is 122 lbs.

  • Phet Nam Khong Mongkhon Phet weighs 121.2 lbs.
  • The Echo weighed 121 pounds to drive.

mixed martial arts
Catch weight 125.8 lbs.

  • Avazbek Kolmirzaev weighs 125 pounds.
  • Zyundin Suleimanov weighs 125.8 pounds.

Note: “Zaiundin” was unable to make weight according to the originally agreed strawweight division (115-125 pounds), so he agreed to compensate “Avacbek” and at certain coordinates (catch weight ) 125.8 pounds.

1_OL59_Faceoffs_SuHwanKazumichi 1

mixed martial arts
Featherweight (145 – 155 lbs.)

  • Oh Soo Kwon weighs 154.2 pounds.
  • Kasumichi Murai weighs 154 pounds.
OL59_Boutcard_TH 1

One Lumbini 59 fight will be telecast live from Lumbini Boxing Stadium (Ramindra) this Friday, April 19. Thai martial arts fans can book tickets to enter the stadium Thai ticket major The first match starts at 7:30 PM and can be watched on various channels as follows:

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