Report says WWE’s Vince McMahon paid $12 million in silence money to several women

The women, all of whom are involved in WWE, signed agreements with McMahon “preventing them from discussing potential legal claims against or their relationships with the 76-year-old CEO.”

The report on Silence Money, which the newspaper said has been pushed out over 16 years, is the latest piece in McMahon’s corporate firestorm.

Last month Another report from the magazine He said the company’s board was investigating McMahon for agreeing to pay a confidential $3 million settlement to a former employee he allegedly had an affair with. That woman is among the four mentioned in the new report.
long time WWE (WWE) The President has agreed to step back from his role as Chairman and CEO while the investigation continues.

WWE did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment for this story.

“I have pledged my full cooperation with the Special Commission’s investigation, and will do everything in my power to support the investigation,” McMahon said in a statement last month. I also pledged to accept the results and results of the investigation, whatever they may be.”

McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, serves as interim CEO and president.

However, McMahon did not stay out of the spotlight: he kept not only his contributions to WWE’s creative content, but also his inner personality. The company said last month that McMahon will continue to appear as his character during matches as the investigation continues.

In fact, McMahon didn’t wait long to re-enter the ring. Just days after the initial report, McMahon appeared on Television wrestling company “Smackdown”He told the audience he was there to remind them of the four words that make up ‘WWE’s signature.

“These four words are ‘So’, ‘Now’ and ‘Forever’, and the most important word is ‘Together’,” he said. “Welcome to Smackdown!” McMahon then left the ring to the tune of his lead song, “No Chance in Hell.”

CNN Business’s Jordan Valinsky contributed to this report.

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