Report: No foot surgery for Jimmy Garoppolo, can be back in 7-8 weeks

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said 49ers quarterback coach Kyle Shanahan Jimmy Garoppolowhen the season is over He broke his foot last Sunday, but the door may not be fully closed upon return.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that doctors have determined that Garoppolo does not have an injury to Lisfranc and that he does not need surgery for the fracture to heal. The report adds that Garoppolo can come back In seven to eight weeks if his rehabilitation goes smoothly.

Seven weeks from now it will be the divisional round of the playoffs and the 49ers hope to still be playing football at that point. The conditional nature of Garoppolo’s return means that it certainly wouldn’t be something they were planning at this point.

In addition to the uncertainty about his recovery, making it to the Divisional Round will likely mean that rookie Brooke Purdy He played well in Garoppolo’s place and that would make it difficult to make a change to a player who has been out for almost two months.

It will all be decided along the line with the main takeaway for now being that Garoppolo’s recovery timeline is shorter than originally anticipated.

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