Remember the 2-year-old smoking cigarette that became popular 14 years ago? He was now a completely different person.

Going back 14 years ago, it was an Indonesian boy that went viral in the internet world and after there was a photo of a little boy who was only 2 years old at the time and he was smoking cigarettes. There was a picture of a little boy smoking all the time at every activity. Whether at home or riding a toy car for the kids, which it was later revealed this little guy is Rizal Who are victims of wrong education by adults When Rizal was 18 months old, his father made him try smoking. As a result, he became addicted to cigarettes. He smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks three bottles of sweetened condensed milk. As a result, he gained weight well beyond the average for children his age. They have abnormal development and begin to suffer from health problems

Rizal's mother is trying to help her son quit smoking. Because of concern for the child's health, but she found it very difficult. Because children were addicted to cigarettes from a young age which made him show strongly oppositional behavior, Rizal could not bear the lack of cigarettes. He even hit his head against the wall as if he was about to end his life. When you are not smoking until the end it should be in your hand. Child Psychology Rizal had to undergo treatment for many years, until now, at the age of sixteen, Rizal was able to successfully quit smoking. But it has changed a lot from before.

Rizal's mother, Diana, said she tried to stop her son from smoking. Because she was worried about his health, but at first it was very difficult. Because every time someone takes cigarettes he will get upset. He hits his head against the wall like crazy. When he's not smoking, he tends to hurt himself. Diana had no other choice and decided to seek help from the local government and eventually experts helped Dr. Setu Mulyadi The head of the National Commission for Child Protection and the country's leading child psychologist was able to get Rizal into treatment. Until you can successfully quit smoking

The process of quitting smoking is long and difficult. Rizal once said: When you don't smoke you will feel sour in your mouth. He will be very dizzy and doctors point out that this is a “withdrawal symptom” that may be difficult even in adulthood. But this happened to Rizal. At a very young age, Dr. Mulyadi distracted himself with activities such as running, climbing and playing, and gradually reduced the number of cigarettes he smoked.

After a few years, Rizal succeeded in quitting smoking. Unfortunately, the way he ate food to replace his cravings for cigarettes and as a result, after quitting smoking, he started overeating. Because he was overweight so he had to undergo obesity rehabilitation treatment again.

Rizal survived extensive treatment. Now she is back in good health again. He's a different person now. Who was fat

In the first days after undergoing treatment, Rizal lived well. He was an outstanding student in school. He also dreamed of that and he will also be a doctor in the future. But recently it has become very unfortunate. Reportedly, Rizal dropped out of school due to family problems and was living with his family in the village of Telok Kemang Sungai Lilin in South Sumatra, where he helped his family sell vegetables to earn a living.

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