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The scariest season of the year has arrived! Children prepare for Halloween party. Costumes must be one of the colors of the event. Some of the outfits may be inspired by cute vampires. And that’s not a scary story. I woke up a vampire (Wake up and be a vampire)And Hotel Transylvania(Ghost hotel escapes for vacation) Or join us in discovering the beast within us. Sea monster This is it Halloween collectionWe’ve got the perfect list to watch with the family during this year’s spooky season.

For Parents We can also make your October scarier than you think with our true crime documentaries. Satan is on trial This story has inspired countless horror shows and movies. There is also The fall of the House of Usher (Devil’s house) The latest thrilling series from the master of modern horror, Mike Flanagan.

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A long list of things you can do on Halloween like partying and getting spooky. It may not be suitable for everyone. Especially the little one but don’t worry! There’s also fun that comes with curious cat Oggy. Oogie Oogie: Season 3 (Oogie Oogie Season 3) Or will it be the story of the most wonderful princess in it? Princess Power: Season 2 (Princess Power, Season 2) And stories of beautiful creatures from the past such as Life on our planet

If you’re a Roald Dahl fan, prepare to be entertained. Idiots Animated adaptation of the children’s book of the same name. By this famous writer, which will be released on Netflix in 2025, you can see the first images of this animation. here

In addition, let’s see what’s new for preschoolers. Hot Wheels Let’s Race, D&Friends in Oz, Mighty Monster Wheels (Mighty Express: The Great Train Race), Gabby’s dollhouse, Not quite a narwhal (Narwhal Heart of a Unicorn) And many other things, you can see more at Netflix Newsroom

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🧛♀️ More cute than scary⚔️

Don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover! The monster may be able to save you from your nightmares.

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I woke up a vampire (Wake up and be a vampire)

Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for October 17

Karmi, a young girl, learns that she is half human and half vampire on her thirteenth birthday, but her special powers make her school life even more chaotic.

Sea monster

Broadcasting offline

When a young girl sneaks onto the ship of a legendary manta ray hunter. The entourage then sets off on an epic adventure into unconquered waters. And write a new chapter in history

Hotel Transylvania (Ghost Hotel, Vacation Escape)

Broadcasting offline

Dracula, owner of Hotel Transylvania, must do double duty as a possessive father. When an uninvited guest acts interested in his teenage daughter,

👻 A real haunting 🎃

Once the kids are asleep, it’s time for the parents to curl up on the couch and watch something that will give you goosebumps!

The Fall of the House (The House of Satan)

Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for October 12

Two ruthless brothers build their status to protect their family’s fortune and future. But everything began to fall apart as the heir gradually arrived. They died under mysterious circumstances one after another.

Satan is on trial

Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for October 17

A boy possessed by a demon, an exorcism, and a murder, the first and only event in which it was used. The official defense of “devil possession” in a US murder trial

Disco Hell (Disco Hell)

Prime Minister scheduled for October 20

A young couple awakens a mysterious dark spirit who longs for the appearance of their unborn child. While trying to set fire to the dance floor of a disco club in Los Angeles,

🐱Enjoy without👻!

A story for little ones who need to get through the horror story first.

Oogie Oogie: Season 3 (Oogie Oogie Season 3)Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for October 16

Oggy, Oggy, the curious little cat with a kind heart. You want to send happiness to friends and neighbors but sometimes messing around has caused unintended chaos.

Princess Power: Season 2 (Princess Power, Season 2)Prime Minister’s meeting scheduled for October 23

When trouble arises in the Fruit Kingdom the princesses are ready to join forces to help each other. Because sometimes problems are too big to solve alone.

Life on our planetPrime Minister scheduled on October 25

This is the story of the great struggle for victory and the survival of life on Earth. Our planet currently has 20 million species of living organisms. But what we see is only a snapshot of a very short period of time, as 99% of life that lived on Earth became extinct in the past. What happened in the kingdom of these creatures during its boom and bust is truly remarkable. The series is a collaboration with Industrial Light & Magic to use the latest science and technology to bring long-extinct creatures back to life. The story is narrated by Morgan Freeman, and produced by Steven Spielberg. There’s also an Emmy® Award-winning team behind the story. Our planetAdd strength to this issue as well.

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